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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools - Get More Great Blog Ideas, Video Ideas & Podcast Topic Ideas

 Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools - Get More Great Blog Ideas, Video Ideas & Podcast Topic Ideas

hey Miles here Inthis video you are going to learn the five free keyword suggestion tools youcan use in order to come up with a limitless number of content marketingideas you'll be able to get blog post ideas video ideas podcasts topic ideasetc and in a second we're gonna jump on my computer you're gonna follow alongI'm gonna share my screen so you can see where to find these tools and how to usethem and again they're all free tools now as a Content marketer right someone  growing an audience and a brand in the business online there's a directcorrelation to how much great content highly valuable content that's properly   optimized your publishing and how much traffic that you're experiencing on mywebsite miles Beckler com just about three years ago I was gettingapproximately 60 visits per month it's about 2 per day now I'm getting about60,000 visits per month the difference got 

about 350 highly optimized greatpieces of content that my audience is looking for and how do I know whatthey're looking for how do you know what your audience is looking forit's these tools here and real quick before we jump in this is different froma keyword research tool a keyword research tool by definition is gonnatell you what the search volume is and what the difficulty is but those toolsdon't always have great suggestion engines and that's what we're lookingfor here is topic ideas so you go through these processes you'll come upwith a list of great topics and then you'll go do keyword research on thosetopics to find out which ones have the highest search volume and the lowestdifficulty score this is how you keep moving forward let's jump on thecomputer and get started so the first one that we have is also asked comnow I need an example for this so we're gonna go down the self hypnosis path theidea is that I'm a hypnotherapist and I either do sessions or I selldownloadables etc so that's what we're gonna use so all you do in this one isnumber one you choose your country so there's a several different countriesyou can choose you obviously can toggle the language and then you put in yourkeyword phrase already got self-hypnosis here and then you click search now thistool is 100% free right now we've seen other tools in this space go to a paidmodel so I assume that they are going to eventually go to a paid model I'mguessing they'll always give you some access forfree but they'll probably do more on the paid side here soonnow when it loads it's pretty small let me zoom in real quick for us so we 

cantake a better gander the first thing you notice is it's this kind of like mindmap type style if you want to just export all of the ideas and get theminto a spreadsheet there's the save CSV up top and if youlike the mind map version you can save it as a PNG but what you notice is thisfirst one here is self-hypnosis and then it has all of the questions that arecommonly asked around this topic so you put in your main topic and you get tosee all of the different ideas so can you self hypnotize yourself can hypnosisbe dangerous can everyone be easily hypnotized is self-hypnosis the same asmeditation I mean these are powerful ideas if you have not written a blogpost or me in this example right kind of looking at the combination or theintersection or the questions around what's the difference between hypnosisand meditation bingo here is a total entrance point for maybe a group ofpeople who meditate who are 

interested in what I do and then they get actuallykind of a little bit deeper so can hypnosis be dangerous can you lie underhypnosis how long does hypnosis take to work all kinds of questions peopleinterested in hypnosis can you be stuck in hypnosis and then there's a you knowanother dozen or two questions here and these are the questions that the peoplein your niche in your space are commonly asking there for when you're ready tomake another video when you're ready to make another blog posthere's your topic ideas and again I would collect the ones that are mostrelevant that I haven't talked about yet and then I would go plug them into thekeyword research vid tool now I have another video that teaches how to dokeyword research I'll have that pop up in the top right corner of this videobut let's move on to the next one I'll add it in the description that videowill be linked to in the description as well so the second tool is called LSIgraph now LS i stands for latent semantic analysis this is a super geekyphrase about how Google is trying to understand the words you have on yourblog post and essentially what it means 

is what it does is it analyzes thesurrounding text so when it finds the phrase selfhypnosis over and over it's analyzing what other words commonly show up aroundthat phrase so it's a correlation tool and it's a part of the algorithm onGoogle and it's becoming more and more a part of the algorithm as Google moves tothe NLP machine learning AI system which is natural language processing so againI'm just gonna jump in and type in the same phrase to see what we get hereafter I remove their gigantic call-to-action and one second let metype it in here okay and captcha solved we are nowinside now this looks a lot more like a very common keyword research tool whichyou're probably used to seeing now I don't pay for this I don't recommendsubscribing for this again this is an idea generation tool based on onespecific kind of part of the greater Google algorithm the LSI and it's agreat tool to cross-reference from time to time to get more ideas and all youreally need to do is look down the list for the ideas you notice they do showyou the volume the search volume but you don't have a keyword difficulty 

scorewhich is something that you want to add on so sleep hypnosis looks wonderfulwith 18,000 100 searches but how difficult is that phrase that's theultimate question and that's why I recommend you still go through the otherkeyword research video but you can see here there is just a list of thedifferent ones so self hypnosis YouTube you could do a roundup of the top 10self-hypnosis channels on YouTube and that could be agreat blog post that's gonna attract you or connect you with people looking formore self-hypnosis and you literally just go down and self hypnosis books orthe top 10 self hypnosis books for 20 20 as I'm recording this it's in Decemberof 2019 so that would be a relevant timely post and this is 

where you go toget ideas it does show you some of the top performing content but there'sbetter tools for that ultimately we're just in here looking for the ideas thatcome up and what it's telling you is the word books comes up a lot around selfhypnosis YouTube comes up a lot around self hypnosis sleep comes up techniquescomes up etc etc jot these down you can also I believe you can generate exportof keywords maybe you actually have to upgrade for export in the keywords Iwould just jot down notes on the ones I wanted or go type them in a notepad popthem into my keyword tool and that's number two LSI graph calm number threeis answer the public and this tool used to be free and now it's a paid tool whenI say it's a paid tool they have a pro level you can still leverage the toolfor free now I would never sign up for this and I honestly don't come backoften this is there's a great lesson in branding here with the 

impatientindividuals staring at you while you're trying to do creative work I would neverwant to go back his website over and over and over I useit every once in a while I get all the data out of it and I don't come back weprobably do a whole video on why you don't want impatient people as yourbranding but that's what they did so anyways what we have here is theinability to select a different region which means I'm gonna get the UK answersonly from this I can't select over to USA unless I upgrade to premium which Ipersonally don't recommend and don't use but we're gonna type it in self-hypnosisnow you're gonna notice this one looks very similar to the first one and that'swhy I have also asked as the first one because ultimately they give you all theregions you want for free and they don't have an impatient individual staring atyou annoying you while you're trying to come up with ideas now in this tool whatthey do well because I want to give them props for the tool they have severaldifferent 

categories of the mind map so whereas in the first one you just got asingle mind map and you can see it's kind of a similar layout here we have amind map around the questions prepositions comparisons alphabeticaland related so we're gonna look through all of these now if this mind map styleis not easy for you to read if you don't like it you are able to flip it over tothe data mode and this simply just says with the keyword self-hypnosis allvariations based on are here they are variations based on can how you're gonnasee who what why those types of phrases when where the types of phrases so theseare just the same phrases and the same questions laid out in a different waybut you have a visualization map right here for the questions and then theyhave the prepositions they have 80 different preposition results again sothey just add can and they're doing an autocomplete scrape for autocompletescrape is etc etc and I'm not gonna go too deep into these but we're at 80 plus61 that's 140 I think there were 50 in the first one 468 different options herewe're sitting about 600 plus ideas and you can always use this 

download CSVright here up top and it'll take the whole list for you but you know now youhave 700 plus a keyword phrases you're gonna need to go through and figure outokay which ones are most relevant which ones are trending with current trendingtopics which ones are most important to your customer avatarto pay you money start with those and then bring them into the keyword tool toget data to help you make that final decision but this is a great way to geta large volume of suggestions and we're moving on to number four which is ourgood buddy I think way too many people overlook the amount of dataand information present on Google available for search marketers we wantto drive traffic from Google but oftentimes what works from Google's eyesright what's working in

 the Google algorithm is hidden in plain sighton Google so I'm gonna show you a few ways that I use Google I'm on Google onevery blog post I google the phrase what's the intent etc so let's onceagain type in self hypnosis so the first thing you're gonna notice is we have anautocomplete so it's telling us the different thing the most common phrasesassociated with self hypnosis that Google sees right Google gets trillionsof searches and these are the most common ones so as a self hypnosisprofessional I would be asking myself do I have a session for pain for anxietyfor sleep and to quit smoking because those are clearly the most relevantproblems people are searching for solutions for but then we see again thebooks shows up so you can do a review of the books like I mentioned earlier appsshow up and then the 

different techniques so those are kind oflisticles that you could do right now I'm gonna show you that you can do youcan start to add more parameters so if I add space for it's gonna tell meself-hypnosis for and these are kind of what I'm looking problem-solution it'sgiving me more and more if you're doing an Amazon review site in like kitchenknives best kitchen knives for and you'll see vegetables for meat fordeboning for bread all of the different kind of suggestions from there andthat's how you can get some really good ideas but next we're gonna search it soI'm just searching self-hypnosis and I'm gonna ignore the ads right excuse menoticing that there's a video here on self-hypnosis what that tells me is Icould probably go create a video if I have a channel with some authority andthere's a good chance I can get my video on the first page of Google if I outoptimize these three that are showing up if you don't show videosthe first page of Google you're probably not gonna stick a video on the firstpage of Google 

remember Google understands what search phrases arerelevant for video viewers and what are relevant for readers so if you see avideo and you have a channel growing make sure you make a video on that topicbut next up we see this people also asked Vox this doesn't always pop up butwhat it shows me or what it shows you as a kind of researcher here is when peoplesearch for self-hypnosis they often do multiple searches it's a very genericterm right it's actually kind of a sub niche if you will it's it's not a superfocused term so what Google is showing you is the most common next phrasespeople search so can you self hypnotize yourself what is self hypnosis and howdoes it work is self hypnosis the same as meditation how do you come out ofhypnosis so you could potentially have a individual blog post on each of thosetopics or if you're doing one major kind of skyscraper post on self hypnosisyou'd probably want to use those as your h2snow as you scroll down pay attention to what is bolded now it's not 

alwaysdifferent but if Google thinks there's a synonym here to self-hypnosis I wouldsee it as one of the bolded items and I don't everything I'm seeing bolded isself-hypnosis and then at the bottom we have the searches related toself-hypnosis and these are again more suggested phrases because Google'sGoogle understands the user behavior right somebody who makes it to thebottom of page one probably didn't get what they were searching for so theseare the most common next phrases people search after searching this one whenthey didn't find exactly what they want now what you can do with these is youcan kind of go down the rabbit hole so we can go from the self hypnosis phraseand now I'm gonna look at self hypnosis audio and I'm just gonna click it it'sgonna research self hypnosis audio now I'm one layer removed from where I wasand I'm seeing videos are showing up again I'm seeing people also ask sohere's four more blog post ideas based on the idea of an audio and then I godown to the 

bottom see you in the books we heard books books keep popping up nowI go down to the bottom and best self-hypnosis audio free hypnosisdownloads for self esteem like right there if you don'thave that as a lead magnet there's a brilliant lead magnet idea that'sgenerated one layer below what my main niche is right here Bell's bestself-hypnosis audio Korra free hypnosis downloads for anxiety so a lot of greatideas and again you can go deeper and deeper so I can go yet another layerdeep I just went into free hypnosis for self esteem again we have the samethings right videos people also ask but I'm going straight to the bottomhypnosis for confidence and motivation super self confidence hypnosis so nowI'm seeing the confidence idea coming out as I follow this path down and thisis how you can kind of follow a path of relevance and Google's showing you stepby step by step what's the next most relevant idea what's the next mostrelevant idea and you just make sure you've got content for all of theserelevant 

ideas that you have that's how I use Google each and every time it'salso worthy when you're here pay attention to what's ranking payattention to the the phrases and the angles and the types of posts are theydoing lists is it top 10 list does it best for 2020 you can come up with kindof the angles of what your content is at the same time that you're doing thissort of research and finally number 5 on the list is the keyword cheaterso it's keyword ke w ke y w Ord sheet or sh e ET ER it used to have a lessappropriate name with a toilet on the branding and they're taking it seriouslynow so what you do on this tool this is probably gonna give you the highestoutput you're probably gonna get more phrases from this tool than any of themso I'm gonna type in self-hypnosis oops I got a click in the box real quick onesec so you type it in you click the sheet keywords button and all of asudden it starts to run for you and you're gonna notice right here in thegenerate ideas it just keeps going and going what this is doing is actuallyscraping a lot of the autocomplete ideas those were the ideas that Googlesuggested when we started to type in the phrases and then it looks at the otherones and it generates more and more and so 

it's kind of scraping a lot of thisdata I believe it actually pulls in keywordsuggestions from multiple API sources now you can see we're at 516 results andit's going to keep going you could litterI set this up go for a walk in the neighborhood come back go to the gymcome back and it will be quite big I think once you get around the 500 to 800range it really starts to slow down at that point I'm just gonna stop it rightnow because there's really no need for it to keep growing and growing right nowfor our purposes on the right it does offer you the ability to actually getthe search volume and the cost-per-click volume from all of this you can purchaseit so for like 200 coins you get four it's very inexpensive I don't even knowthe math on that it's pennies per but if you already have access to a keywordtool what we want to do is we want to just generate the ideas and one of thecool things we have here like obviously you can export the data so you get a CSVor an XLS and Excel spreadsheet etc but you can run these filters and this iswhat's really cool about the filters so let's say I want to remove everyone whosaid free so if you 

notice there's 561 results I'm gonna type in free and nowthere's 456 maybe I just want to get rid of the tire kickers right I don't wantall the free people searching for free stuff so I get rid of that another thingI don't think it's on here but free cheap discount promo coupon those arethe kinds of phrases that some businesses want to eliminate justbecause of the type of people that it attracts so now let's say I don't doanything in the world of weight loss I can just hit enter and I can type inweight and it again removes all of the phrases that have weight loss and maybeover here I want to do a positive filter of all of the ones that say audio so nowI've taken that list that was over 500 and I have a list of all of the phrasesthat have the word audio in it that does not have the word free or weight in itand obviously you can see kind of what these are you know I just made that upright like let's be real I just kind of came up with itI want to go do one more on this to show you if you're doing like an Amazonaffiliate site if you're doing a review based website adding the word for reallychanges the game here so I'm gonna do even on the self hypnosis or let's dohypnosis for and that's it I'm gonna leave it blank after the four so ascontent marketers you know we're solution presenters we are committeddoing the research for our audience we're committed to finding the answersthat they're interested in but it helps us to know what their biggest questionsare right and how do we know well all that data through Google people'sconfidant right now in this world in 2020 and beyond our confidant is Googleif we have a problem in our life if we have a question about something we don'task our neighbors anymore we don't ask our co-workers we don't ask our familywe ask Google we ask dr. Google we ask our friend Google our confidant so thisis a way to really understand what's going on I've already got over 726hypnosis 4 you can see 

hypnosis for weight loss is absolutely huge I'mnoticing just pure volume that for weight loss is probably one of thebiggest ones and then here's all the other ideas for addiction for alcoholismfor insomnia for more weight loss for warts for varicose veins I mean this isabsolutely incredible data so if I was someone who is creating like obviouslyaudio hypnosis sessions I would look through these I would find out what getsthe most search volume and has the lowest difficulty okay so this is juststep one to generate all the ideas then what is most in alignment with myperfect customers and what am I really good at and then which ones of thosehave high search volume and low difficulty that's the gem that I'mlooking for I like to think of it as like painting for gold right you walkaround the riverbed you got your shovel you got your bucket you got your goldpan you're gonna end up going through hundreds and hundreds and hundreds ofpounds of dirt of pay dirt to find the little flecks of gold but those littleflecks of gold and those little clinkers can be super valuable for you in thelong term and that's what's really going on here so if you're doing best blenderbest blender for you know smoothies for snacks for breakfast for power shake etcbest kitchen knives for right there's there's ways to leverage this in anormal kind of Amazon review site if you're doing that kind of an affiliatemarketing game to just get a giant list of all the products that people aresearching for right they're looking for the best vacuum 

cleaner for pet hair forkids for hardwood floors for carpet for shag carpet etc that's where you canfind all it by using that little bit of a for indicator again- filter positivefilter export your data go plug it into your normal keywordgenerator and then this is again these were software tools so software iswonderful it can crunch a lot of data it can give you a lot of ideas you hadn'tnecessarily thought before but you need to apply thinking along with the datathat you get because software is just analyzing data points rightwe need that human thought and there's another way to get yet another kind ofinfinite amount of understanding of what your people are searching for based onthe kind of mass consciousness of your niche now this video is already longenough but I've covered that in a separate video so it's my five researchhacks for content marketers I'll have it pop up on the end screenit'll be down in the description below click on that if you want even moreideas and that's how to really source more keyword and topic ideas from youraudience themselves okay and I like doing both because eventually you'regonna need to have 500 posts on your way to a thousand posts because that's whatthe biggest best websites in your space are doing if it's YouTube it's the samegame if it's a podcast same game look at Joe Rogan 1,300 podcast he's the biggestin the world there is a correlation there I hope that has been helpful if ithas give me a thumbs up ask questions in the comments do what you do I appreciateyou if you want to share this video I appreciate that I thank you and I lookforward to connecting with you on the next video until we meet again be wellI'll see you soon Cheers 


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