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Saturday, July 4, 2020

How to use Google Trends For Affiliate Marketing Keyword Research -DIY Affiliate Marketing

How to use Google Trends For Affiliate Marketing Keyword Research -DIY Affiliate Marketing 

 Hello and Welcome thank you for checkingout this video for the people who are just visiting my channel for the veryfirst time my name is Rochelle and my the Brand is a DIY Affiliate Online and Ihelp new Internet Entrepreneurs and Affiliates by sharing my knowledge andexperience to help you to gain more Power and Authority become an influencerand make an Impact with online video this video is about Choosing a Niche bythe end of this video you will learn the following definition of a niche theindustry versus Niche sector versus the segment you will also learn about theiGoogle portal the Google Trends Keyword Research using Keywords Everywhere andvid IQ the Google search engine and the youtube search engine supporting videoscan be found in the right hand corner and also you will find the links in thedescription in the bottom I have done a ton of research to bring you thisknowledge and it is just the facts let's get down to business when you start tobegin to choose your niche whether it is for an online business or affiliatebusiness a website or YouTube channel Choosing a Niche and doing the researchwill allow you access to data that Google has already about what people aresearching for through the search engines Google suggests  keyword phrases andqueries the 

difference from an industry and a Niche an industry is the searchTopic a Niche is the Search terms as an example of a Niche the business focus ison-demand supply and demand for a product or service and a targetedaudience the Niche of the industry of a Survivalism for example issurvival books survival foods and survival clothing the main differencebetween a market and an industry is in the development while the market iscreated by any product or service in demand an industry is created by theproducers you can think of a niche market as a carefully defined group ofpotential clients that have specific needs or a segment or of a sector groupa market is a place where buyers and sellers connect industry is created tohelp producers connect and use the affiliates to promote we are going to be using the iGoogleportal keywords everywhere with WordPad Google sheets and vid IQ to completethis video these tools will give you the knowledge and value in understandingwhat your audience is looking for by using these tools you will be able tobuild an authority site now you may have several options in mind but with 

theup-to-date data you can determine which option has a better chance of trendingupwards over time as a video content creator whether you are in YouTubemarketing video marketing or blogging new topic ideas add value and richercontent to your business new keywords keyword phrases the right questionshashtags all add more quality value and help you to grow your business fasterand smarter know who your audience is and what product or service that theyare most interested in this will help you to name and identify the best searchterms that are trending topics and search terms in a it is just the factslet's get down to business go to the nine dots located in the upper left handcorner click you will see web store Docs Google Drive Gmail and you are lookingfor app to your google tools a few trends realtrends Canada you can click on this downward arrow and change your countrylatest stories and insights now you can start with a search term or a topic weare starting with a topic and as you type in you will see that it starts togive you suggestions of topics survivalism is a topic so I'm gonnaclick into survivalism as soon as it shows up there it'll start to searchsurvivalism as a topic here in Canada here it had 56 percent interest over allin 2019 and as it travels along about 45% of the interest that people 

aretyping in as a Google suggestion comes up the lowest it goes down to is a 30percent and at any time when you see these the circle with the question markyou can just click in there and a pop-up box will come up giving you anexplanation inch your filter to worldwide or anyother country you can look at all the categories I'd what category is that youjust want to see the survivalism in we're just gonna click all categoriesbecause then that way we leave it wide open you have a choice here of a websearch an image search a new search a Google Shopping shirt search and ayoutube search we're just gonna go for a web search right now as you completeeach one of these filters you will see this graph change soworldwide we are looking at the interest over time here it was at 87% betweenJanuary 27th and February 2019 and here it has at 89% between January 5th andJanuary 11th here are the the interest by region andif you click into the circle with the question mark you will see in whichlocation interest by Riesz region it looks like Sweden Norway United Statesand then Canada and Germany and also you can look at other the other regions aswell and these are related topics and anytime you see this breakout here 

whichmeans it can be compared as a search term so here related topics click thisand you can with the downward arrow arrow go from rising to top back torising so do you see the difference here ok you can also download which is usingthe C CSV which is the same as when you download from the keyword tool it willgo into your WordPad similar to this I'm just going to open this so that you cansee it here is their related it's this to embed this information by copying itpresentation you just copy that and you go over to one of your WordPress sites anew post here are using Guttenberg you could click the plus sign look for thecustom HTML will come up and you click into your custom HTML and then right inthis box inside the blue line box you paste your information and then you'llsee the box on at the top and you click preview thiswill give you the information and then save your work you can also download itwhich is the C SV the CSV stands for comma separated values you would then goback into your iGoogle porthole it's and these are spreadsheets just like Excel and then once you see this very brightplus sign and you have your pointer finger up you can then get into it soyou're going to click into your file import a pop-up box will come up toclick upload and then go down to where I have downloaded this information show inthe folder and believe me it does get faster and then click into here pull thefile from the shaded blue area into the the dotted line blue area and then itwill then upload and then you choose your location importyou have your information in here that youcan also save and share related queries so now I have my countries that I'mlooking at so here's all the information that you have in your spreadsheet bedthis picture in this image by copying this information this is script but it'salso HTML make sure that you have all of it copied and then copy it go over toyour WordPress click alright plus sign click into your ad and then you'll seeyour HTML which is not your code this is your HTML 

custom custom HTML code is notscript ok and then right click and paste and then make sure you are in the rightbox here just make sure I'm in the right box and then preview and here it's pulling it from GoogleTrends you will awesome you will also see sometimes if the map does not existso in that case if you did want to get a map then you could use your clipper which is another tool okay so nowgetting back into okay now it says the map does not existdone okay so now you have all this information and you can see what theinterest is and if you want to you can check in through your other you could goweb search so through the youtube search you could see here in 2019 it was at 79%and here in 2020 it is at 100% so it looks like the survivalism is a trendingtopic okay so now this is your topic which is survivalism but it is not theniche what is your niche so here we are now going to look at changing this andyou can do this at any time you can remove it and add another search term sopart of survivalism is survival and you're going to wear that with survivalfood now when you type it in make sure you find the search term down here andI'm going to add survival clothing this is the easiest way that I havefound how to compare the different niches that you could get involved inunder a certain topic and the topic is the and the industry is not the nicheokay survival book survival food and survival clothing okay so now it's goingto be working at getting this information now you've already got theinformation that you need for the industry now you are getting theinformation that you need for your niche okay so now we see here what's happeningsurvival food in January of 2019 the interest was a 32% in the industry 

ofsurvivalism it peaked here in July of 2019 and if we follow it it still seemsto be staying at a relatively high point until we get to December betweenDecember 18th December 14 2000 and 19 where it starts to go up but a downwardslope here at 39% and then today ending at 34% so what we can see here is theseother ones here for the books survival books and these survival part of methese survival clothing and what we're going to do now is this is worldwidewe're gonna go with my country which is Canada and see if there is a differencehere so now this is Canada and also we aredoing a YouTube search so the survival food is ahead for YouTube if you aredoing a YouTube channel and you are looking into the survival at lismindustry so here is Canada okay so now we can see that survival books are stilllower but they are higher than when you look at the world region and survivalfood is still on top let us look now at the web search okay so even with the web search herefor Canada whereas Ontario is split so it has for the survival books more forthe survival food and survival food is very generic as well because that canalso be broken down and it says there's not enough information here so whatwe're going to do is now add another comparison and it is going to be theemergency and as you see as I type in here I'm 72-hour kit okay so this isanother search term which is the emergency 72-hour kit okay so you can see 

something a littlebit clearer here and I'm just going to actually put this down - you can changethe timing so we're gonna go in the past seven dayslet's see what's been happening in the past seven days so anytime you can go inyour graph and you can you can look in your graph and you can click on to apoint in your graph and you will see survival books zero survival food 79%this was and then here is on January 25th survival food 68% okay so now we'regoing to change this again and we're going to go in the past five years nowthis is looking in Canada we could look worldwide or in another country what is happening here the emergency72-hour kit is the green which is right there it shows that is that 20 survival foodis that fifty nine and the survival books and survival clothing is againnothing so that tells me that this is not a good search term so we're going toremove this and add another term and you have to make sure that you are addingsearch terms and not topics together so a survival backpack supplies if you seea box down here you have to make sure that you are clicking on it just so thatyou can get all of your information and this is again the past five years now why am I looking at the past fiveyears because I'm looking to see if there's still a trend to see what theinterest is over the last five years and to see where it is trending to whetherit is trending up or trending down okay so it just seems that this is in let'ssee you can also sort this is by the survival books we can sort by survivalfood and by the survival backpack which doesn't show up at all or the interestfor the emergency 72-hour kit can you see how valuable this information iswere you thinking about the survivalism industry and what were you 

thinkingabout that you wanted to choose as your niche from this graph here in the pastfive years I can see that the survival food is on top okay so I'm just going totake it down to the last 30 days you now remember you still have all thisother information here as per survivalism the categories and the entities so you still have all that informationthat you can work with as well okay so now we can see more clearly and hereagain we are looking in Canada you can change this to worldwide or your countryand it doesn't seem like there is enough for related queries so let's change thisto worldwide right at the top worldwide and this is in the past 30 days allcategories this is a web search and again you have to make sure thatyour boxes are all filled in okay so now here you can see the survival backpack is that zero because that means there'snot enough data the emergency 72-hour kit is at ninethe survival food is again the highest and their survival books and here youcan see that the survival food as of January 22nd and today is as ofJanuary 23rd survival books are at 18% survival food is at 53% and this is theinterest in the world for this is survival books so we are going to gowith survival food and then you can see who is what country is most interestedin this okay so one related query which is the best survival books I'll say Iclick into this one overcome up Google Trends on the left-hand top bestsurvival books worldwide 

past 30 days all categorieswebsearch look into a query so now I'm going to compare that with and here you can see where the interestis 67% 0% on January 24th and it doesn't look like it is trending at this time solet's make another comparison so we are going to now add another search term andit's going to be emergency food preparedness emergency food prepared and I spelt thatwrong may still pull it up but I'm pretty sureI spelled that wrong so this is what it's telling me is theactual search term so I want to make sure that I have the right search termhere and it's still at zero No another comparison best survival food okay so the best survival food is theone that I am going to do my knees on I can add the other ones but it will bethe my focus will be the best survival food and then if I go back into mysuggestions then I notice this is on YouTube and Google the entities that arealready doing it and how they are doing and it looks like very good Tom Clancy'sthe division is going up 1050 percent so I can use all the information thatI've gathered and now I can now know this is my search term best survivalfood am I going to use this in my domain name for my brand best survival food isthe the one that people are searching the most so if I go over to Google and then I type I go into Google andthen I type in well first of all I want to see is theresomebody who has this the best survival food dot-com search bar on top and seewhat comes up there you go that said if I want to buy this domain Ican buy this domain but I can always buy this domain now through Hostgator aswell because it is available so I hope this has been helpful to 

youand understanding about Google Trends and how it can help you to pick out yourniche by taking all of the data the information that you get by your relatedqueries and also your other information by your region in order to be able tocreate a niche and do the research and have more success look up to your right hand corner andyou will see a special video that I made on vid IQ that will help you not only tochoose your niche but to help you with your search engine optimization and tohelp you rank on Google and YouTube well I hope you enjoyed this video and I hopethat it is something that you can put to use for yourself in picking your nicheif you have liked this video then please give it a thumbs up and if you knowsomebody who needs to have this information then please share it withthem also leave me a comment I answer all of my comments and if you have anyquestions just leave the question and I will get the answer back to you as soonas possible thank you and have yourself a wonderful leave 

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