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Saturday, July 4, 2020

How To Set Up a Google Ads Campaign 2019 | High-Ticket Affiliate Promotion Example

How To Set Up a Google Ads Campaign 2019 | High-Ticket Affiliate Promotion Example

 Hi, my name's John and in this video, I'mgoing to be leading you through Google Ads setup whether you're running your ownbusiness or you're doing marketing for another business. And I'm going to work ontaking you from beginner to expert through the course of this video. So, ifyou've never advertised on Google Ads before, I'm going to lead you through theprocess and help you understand the whole thing. And we'll also be going overnecessary vocabulary to know in getting started advertising your business.Whether you are running a local business, a national business or you know, evenjust an affiliate marketing business. I'll be explaining to you the majorterms you need to know and some more advanced terms that will help you takeyour ad campaigns and make them very profitable so that your business getsmore leads, more sales or just more exposure online using the power ofGoogle. Now, let's get into it, stay tuned. Now, real quick.

 Before I go into theGoogle ads set up, a little bit about me is that I've been advertising on Googlefor over 10 years. And I currently run a business in the digital product spaceand currently spend about $200,000 per month for my business withGoogle ads. And Google Ads has been very good to me. W e make a very good ROI onour spend on the Google advertising platform. And I'm going to be sharing withyou some of the real ninja tricks that I use to make sure that money I spend onGoogle ends up being very profitable for my business. Now, furthermore mybackground I used to work for an ad agency. And I've managed over 500accounts. I was the director of advertising at 2 separate ad agenciesand the director of e-commerce at another ad agency. So, I've seen hundredsand hundreds and hundreds of ad accounts and trained dozens of people on Googleadvertising in person and trained tens of thousands of people in Googleadvertisers online. So, I'm coming from a place of a lot of experience whenand I say that I know what I'm talking about. Now,the first things to understand when you're starting with Google advertisingis you need to understand what a campaign is. Now, a campaign comes fromthe kind of war term, like a war campaign. You're going to attack a village or acountry or a region. And a campaign is basically just the basicorganizational group for your advertising. And just like war campaignsgo on a particular path. An ad campaign is not exactly a war, you're really justtrying to get customers attention. And it's a particular folder for a type ofadvertising that you're doing whether that's you know search advertising, videoadvertising, display advertising, etc.

 An ad group is the next organizationalelement that is within Google advertising. And within an ad group,that's really where you set the targeting. You figure out who are youshowing your ads to. Are you showing it to people who are interested in dogs? Areyou showing your ads to people who are interested in cats? Are you showing yourads to people who are searching for laptops? Or you showing your ads topeople who are searching for you know, mobile phones. You know, whatever that isyou set that targeting in the ad group level and then we move on to the ads. Now,underneath each campaign, you can have multiple ad groups. And underneath eachad group, you can have multiple ads. So, just kind of the diagram here, right? It'sa pyramid scheme guys. It's a pyramid scheme. Look, its pyramid shaped. That's abad joke.

 Advertising is not a pyramid scheme. But what this is, is what you havemultiple ads for is you want to continually split test which ads work. So,we could play this game with what marker gets more attention? Does the red markerget more attention or the black marker gets more attention? I don't know. I guessis the red marker. But the point is when you're doing advertising, you want to doput up the ad that gets the most attention. Now, if this ad gets 20% moreattention than this ad, well we end up saving 20% effectively when wego with this ad versus this ad. And if you do enoughsplit testing over and over again, you win the game.So, before I jump into the more advanced terminology, let me go into google andshow you some actual campaigns. What's up guys? Now, to get started with Google Adswhat you want to do I mean it's it's pretty obvious. You search for Google adsand you're going to click here to sign up if you aren't already signed up.

 Butlet's dive right into the campaigns. Here we are in the Google advertisingdashboard. Now, what you'll want to do is you'll want to click this little buttonright here. That's the campaign button and you'll click new campaign to setupyour first or maybe you've already done this before ad campaign. So, if you'recompletely new to advertising, you've never set up a Google Ads campaignbefore, if you could please just type in the comments say, "I'm a total newbie." Andyou know... Or total beginner, that would really help me understand whereeveryone's coming from. And similarly, if you're an expert and you've done thismany times before, let me know in the comments. Type in "Many times before."Something like that. Just say like, "This ain't my first rodeo, boy." To let me knowif you've done this before because I'd like to understand where you're comingfrom when you're watching this video so I can make future videos better servingyou. So, after I click new campaign, we'll see we get a bunch of selection. So, weget sales, leads, product, brand consideration. We get all these differentoptions.

 Now what I prefer to do is I prefer to actually just create acampaign without the goals guidance, okay? And after you click that button, you willget a bunch of different campaign selection types here. Now, one thing toplease know is that Google Ads is changing their interface basically everyother week. So, what the interface looks like right now, it may look differentwhen you're watching this video. So, what I'm going to focus on, you see we havesearch display shopping video app and smart ads, okay? So, what we want to focuson for this is I think Google's standard advertising which is search advertising. And I found this to be the mosteffective. Then Google will ask you if you want to drive website visits phonecalls or app downloads. Now, if you're a business that works primarily off ofphone calls, phone calls are a great way to get people if you're a local businesssuch as a you know, a plumber or something like that and you just wantpeople to call your cell phone or your business phone or something like that.Phone calls are a great way and you don't even need a website to startadvertising on Google. It's just click to call. People aresearching on their phone, you know, I need a plumber or pipe burst and you'll showup.

 Now, at this step, that's asking me for a business website. So, I'm actually justgoing to find a link for a company that I work with called regal assets.I work with them as an affiliate marketer. So, I'm just going to go over hereto their dashboard and I'm going to get some landing pages. Now, this is a companythat pays me a commission every time I refer them somebody who invests withtheir company. This is a investment company that an alternative assetsinvestment company that I've been working with for a number of years. Andthey pay me to do marketing for them. If you want to learn more about what I dofor a living and how I earn my income, I'm in a space called affiliatemarketing. And you can subscribe to my channel.

 Make sure you hit thenotification bell and check out some of the other videos on my channel where italk about affiliate marketing. And I talked about different business modelsthat you can make money online. But I personally make my income throughaffiliate marketing and I've made millions of dollars a year the last fewyears with this business model. So, we have the website copied and we're goingto go back to Google where we are going to input our website. And let me zoom ina little bit where we pasted the website and we're just going to click continue. Soboom! We just set up our first search campaign. Now, we have to set up the adgroup and other information. So, I'll just call this you know, YouTube demo, okay?Just because it's a demo. Now, in this,we only want to advertise on search, okay? One thing to note is you should nevermix search and display advertising. There are two completely different types ofadvertising and trying to cross pollinate with the same targeting isgoing to end up losing you a lot of money. Only select one or the other. 

Okay,so now we're going to scroll down here. There's nothing that we've really careabout to set here if you need to send an end date you can set it right there. Butdon't worry about these settings. Next we're going to go to targeting andaudiences. And this is where we set where we want to advertise to. In this case, I'mgoing to set the ads to go to United States. So, this targeting is fine. But if youwant to actually you know, target specific areas, you can just type inbahamas. And here we have Bahamas. And I would click target, you know... Maybe I wantto target Puerto Rico. Click target and American, Samoa. And I just click...Again, just type it in and click target right there. Cool. Easy stuff. Languages asyou see, we already have English selected. But if you want to target differentlanguages, you can add in different languages and they will be added inright there, okay? Now, if we're doing search advertising, I don't recommend youactually select any audiences. Audiences are targeting form that you might usefor display campaign or something like that. So, we're going to ignore thisselection right now that's for more advanced types of advertising. We'regoing to focus on search. Now, the budget we're going to set for the day is we'lljust say $20, okay? So $20 is a good budget if you're asmall business. I generally set my budgets a littlehigher but we won't go into that. Basically $20 right there and we willset our delivery method for accelerated. Now, the reason we set our deliverymethod to accelerate it is because the goal is not to waste money. So, if we doour targeting right, if we make sure our ads show up on the right keywords --wewant to show our ads as many as possible. We want to show them as much as possible.We're not trying to save money here becausewe're trying to spend money to make money.

 So, if every $20 we spends makes us$40, we want to spend it as fast as possible. We don't care about dripfeeding it. That's kind of scarcity mentality to advertising. Withadvertising, you have to think of abundance mentality. But at the same time,we have our daily budgets set at $20. So, she we shouldn't be spendingmore than 20 dollars a day while we're testing and trying to get that, you know...Get that ROI or that point where we can spend $20 and make back thebusiness more than that. So, the next thing we're going to focus on is we'regoing to focus on the bidding. So, we see right here is bidding. And let me know inthe comments below if this is a brand new advertising account. Let me know inthe comments below if this is brand new. If you're brand new, you won't haveconversion tracking setup. So, we're not going to go with conversion tracking yet.Once you get more data in your campaign, you can do that. But we're going to focus onclicks for the time being because I'm just going under the assumption. Youdon't have conversions yet.

 Now, we're not going to set a maximum CPC bid this is anoptional thing and we don't need to worry about that right now. By default,it's set to maximize bids which is fine. Now, the next thing I'm going to look at isI'm gonna look at show more settings. Now, if I was advertising a particularcompany which only took phone calls, right? Let's say you are a plumber andyou want to get more leads to you know, people calling you that have brokenpipes or whatever. You'd advertise on burst pipe. And... But you're not going to takea phone call in the middle of the night. So, what you would do is you would go tothis selection right here add schedule and you would just say, "Hey, Mondaysthrough Fridays, I'm only taking calls from 7 a.m. to let's say want toend the day early at 4 p.m." So, that's what you would set your advertising to.So, that way your ads only show at the times when you're going to be available toactually take the call. The next setting is ad rotation. And this is fine. We don'tneed to do anything here. It says prefer best performing ads. Sometimes I willchange this to do not optimize because I'm in my advertising accounts everysingle day, it's my business. 

But we're just going to leave it at optimize. Last butnot least our ad extensions. And you'll see they have a little marketing thinghere. Get up to 15% conversion rate by adding additionalinformation. And that's true. But let's not complicate anything. Let's just focuson getting your ad up. And you can come back in later and add you know thesedifferent call extensions which is the phone number.Call-out extensions, etc. You can add these all to your account very easily.But the most important thing with advertising, if you're a small businessis just getting that add up because that's... You know,  that's thefirst step if you don't have marketing if adds up. Your competitors probably do.And they're getting those customers. So, next thing we do is we click Save andcontinue. Whoo! We set up our campaign. Now, we're moving on to setting up our adgroup where we're going to set up the settings to actually determine where ourad gets shown. Now, there's a lot of work. There's a lot of... You know, there's a lotof little stuff and setting up your first ad. But don't worry, it gets easieras time marches forward. So, here we are. As you see, we're one... You know, basicallywe're half of the way done and we're just gonna say you know YouTube's testgroup. And I'm going to say you know... 

I don't even know what this setting is. Google isadding new stuff all the time. But this is where we copy or paste our keywords.Now, in the case of this company which I'm advertising which is named regalassets. And you can see their their website right here and they you know,request your free metals or crypto kits. They focus on people basically over theage of 50 who are looking for alternative investments into preciousmetal or cryptocurrency .So, they actually give me some of the top 20 performingkeywords for their particular niche. Now, what I'm going to do is I'm actuallygoing to take these keywords and you know what I could do is I could justcopy them and put them into an ad group and bid on them.And save the group. But what I'm goinf ro do is I'm actually going to do research first.I'm not just gonna go by what the company suggests I'm gonna go to what'scalled the Google Keyword tool. Now, to find the Google Keyword tool I just goto Google and I'm gonna type in keyword oopsies I'm going to type in keyword toolright there.

 And you will see the right here the second result which is kind ofodd is the Google Keyword research and keyword planner tool. So, within theGoogle Keyword tool, we're actually going to ... There's two options right now. Theychange this tool all the time. It's so frustrating. It may look different nextweek. So, just bear that in mind. We're not going to click on the discover newkeywords thing we're actually going to click on the get search volume andforecasts right here and what I'm gooing to do is I'm going to paste my keywords andI'm gonna click this button "get started,." So, now here we see a bunch of keywordsand you know what does this all mean now I have a typical rule for how Iadvertise and I look for keywords that have between two thousand to tenthousand impressions per month in the given place that I'm advertising andthen I create a keyword group around them so looking at this grouping we cansee that will just sort this by impressions and just to help youunderstand my reasoning over ten thousand I believe is two untargeted soyou're you know there's a better ad group that you could go after if there'sso much search volume. And under two thousand, I found is sometimes a littletoo targeted. And you're not going to get enough volume to justify having an adgroup solely devoted to those ads. My strategy with advertising has alwaysbeen based around efficiency so that one person can manage an account that spendsyou know a lot of money .

So, let's check this out. So, the keywords I would beinterested in creating ad groups around are these keywords. And as we can see, "I'mgoing to focus on this for right now." Gold investment.Now, the way I would do this ad group is I would actually do 3key words you know as the very basics. So, what I would do is you can see righthere, there are 3 match types. Don't worry too much about how this works. Thisis a much... It's you know, it's a much longer explanation of how match typeswork. But you can click this button if you really want to learn more about this.So, the basic structure that I do is I will do a 3 key word ad group and Iwill do one in exact match, one in phrase match and one in modified broad. Which isa special match type that you know, you have to do research on if you reallywant to find it. So, and I would just name the ad group gold investment. Now, this isthe, I found the best most efficient way to advertise. I generally try to keep myad groups around 8 to 12 keywords maybe only one modified broadkeyword which is the... What I call the route keyword of the campaign. And Ialways named the ad group the route keyword which is gold investment in thiscase. Don't worry about that. If this is flying over your head, don't worry.Basically just remember, focus on keywords that are between 10 and 2thousand searches if you are a national business. 

If you're a local business, youcan you know. really you'll only really need one or two ad groups for yourentire business. So, let's save and continue here. Now, and keep in mind too.There's so many different examples of businesses here. There's apt businessesthere's video businesses. I can't go over every single example. If you have somequestions, I'll try to answer them in the comments. So, I hope you've been getting alot of value out of this video so far and learned something about GoogleAdwords and how to set up your ads. Now, again. If you'd like to learn more aboutthis, I recommend you subscribe to my channel. Make sure you click thatnotification bell so that you can get updated if I'm doing a live Q&A orsomething like that. And like this video. On my channel homepage, you will seethere I have free trainings and mini courses I have a section about thatwhere you can act in a ten-part course about GoogleAdWords for small and medium-sized businesses. And this is completely free.So, you can learn about how to set up Google AdWords for your business. If youwant to learn more about what I do as an independent marketer or what's called anaffiliate marketer, there are also other videos and trainings where you can learnmore about all the different ways that there are to really make money as anindependent marketer on the Internet. 

Now, I'm going to go into a few quick termsthat you might need to know and then I'm going to end the video. Now, CTR issomething you'll want to know in order to optimize your campaign. You can lookup this term but the main other term is conversion rate or C-R. These are howyou'll optimize your campaigns. Click through rate says which ad gets moreclicks and you'll want to go with the ad that gets the highest click-through ratewhen you're split testing and you just continually do that. That's marketing.Same thing with conversion rate. If you are measuring conversions of somebodybuys a product on your site and one ad or one keyword is getting more sales iscreating more revenue for your company then another keyword. You'll want to putmore of your money into this keyword and drop the rest of the keywords thataren't making you money.

 And that's how you'll optimize your campaigns. And youdo that over and over and over again and Your marketing gets more targeted. Now,the way you actually measure if people are buying on your site is you usewhat's called a conversion pixel or a pixel right there. And again, you cangoogle these terms. There's a lot more information on exactly how you can use aconversion pixel and how you can optimize data based on CTR and CR. ButI'll leave that for another video in the future. Hopefully you enjoyed this video.Subscribe to my channel. Give this video a big like. And let me know, in the chator in the comments, what you found the most interesting about this video? Was itsetting up your campaign? Was it targeting within thegroup? Or was it you know putting up ads and split testing and CTR and conversionrates. Whatever it was, make sure you put it in the comments and let me know whatyou'd like to see in future videos that I shoot because I can make sure to goeven deeper into Google AdWords as it is one of my favorite ways to market onlinein the world I absolutely love this program. And I've been messing aroundwith it for 10 years now. It's like up... It's like like a brother to me. So, talkto you soon. Hopefully enjoy this and looking forward to showing you more coolstuff on my channel. See you soon. 

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