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Saturday, July 4, 2020

How To Do PROPER Keyword Research For Your Local Business - Live Marketing Challenge Post 2

How To Do PROPER Keyword Research For Your Local Business - Live Marketing Challenge Post 2

 Hey guys, itís Brandon from www.soldwithvideo.comand today weíre doing post number two of the live marketing challenge and this is allabout keyword research and this is the foundation of the entire marketing campaign.So, letís go ahead and check it out right nowÖHey everybody, welcome to the second post of the live marketing challenge. I am superexcited for you guys to be following along and if you missed the first post, it was allabout the introduction, what weíll be covering of the live marketing challenge and that wayyou guys can properly see what is involved in dominating this online marketing campaign.So if you havenít seen it, Ií suggest that you go and check it out on my website or myYouTube channel, itís called ëLive Marketing Challenge Post Oneí. Now some of you mighthave realised that my video is in a little bit better quality than my past videos havebeen in and that is because we just got a brand new HD camera and weíve been playingaround with it and we might need to adjust the settings a wee bit but Iíve been playingaround with it for the past few days and I think I may have got it dialled it. It mayneed a few more tweaks but hopefully we can bring you guys a lot more High Definitiongood quality video to go along with our good quality content.So, what is this post all 

about? Keyword research. Some of you may know a little bit about this,some of you may not know anything about this and so weíre going to start from the beginningñ what you need to do, why you need to do it and common mistakes people have made. Thenweíre going to show you programmes I used and how I did itÖ So letís go ahead andcheck it out. The first step is ëKeyword ResearchíÖ Irecommend before you even set up a website, before you set up your directory sites ordo any video marketing and the reason for this is because you need to choose the keywordsthat are going to be easy to rank for, the keywords that are going to be easy to rankfor, keywords that are going to get you a lot of traffic and when you start to designinga website and your Yelp Profiles and your directory profiles ñ you need to know whatto title those videos, what keyword to put in the content and if you donít then youare just guessing and throwing in keywords and that is not the effective way to do things.If you have a list of 

keywords before you start setting up those things, you can actuallypinpoint and target and design all youíre content to be ranked for, for certain keywords.So before you do anything, it is important to work on finding the keywords because thatis the foundation of your entire marketing campaign.So, letís go into this a little deeper and I want you guys to take out a pen and paperso that you can reference these when you are doing your own keyword research for your business.So take out a pen and paper and letís dive right into it. So I want you to ask yourself.How did I come up with the list of keywords that I have or if you donít have a list,how am I going to come up with a list of keywords and come up with an answer real quick? Iíllwait, Iím just waiting for you to come up with that list and Iím going to wait about5 or 10 secondsÖ So hopefully you guys had enough time to thinkabout how to answer those questions. Now, a lot of common answers that we get are:1. I just picked keywords that I thought were good.2. I just picked keywords that are common in my industry3. I did a little research in my industry 

and I just picked the keywords that got themost search volume. Now if you answered one of those answers,you guys need to rethink your process because those are wrong and you do not want to dothat. The reason that those are the most common is because most business owners have the samesort of thought process and that is their thought process ñ ëHey, Iíll just pickkeywords that are common within my industryí or ëHey, these ones get the most searchesso Iíll just pick them and Iíll get a tonne of trafficí. No. This does not mean thatyou will get the most traffic. So, let me dive a little bit more deeply into this sothat you know why these are not good things if you are doing your keyword research.The first thing that business owners fail to do is to put themselves in their customerísshoes and they think ñ ëIím just going to pick terms that I am familiar with in myindustryí. That doesnít always work because your customer does not always know all theterms you know because they are not in your industry and so they might just pick the basicterms that are in your industry and are not going to know the technical terms. So, forexample, if you own a heating and air company, your customers are going to be searching 

ëairconditioning installationí, ëair conditioning repairí, ëheating serviceí and things likethat. Now a lot of heating internet companies refers to themselves as HVAC companies andnot all companies or people searching the internet are going to know to search ëHVACí.In fact most of them are just going to search what they need. Which in this case is airconditioning repair and they are going to search what they need, not necessarily theterms that go along with that industry and so you need to put yourself in your customersshoes to get a list that they are actually going to be searching for. This is the samereason why ñ I just thought it would be good ñ is not a good process because you needto put yourself in your customersí shoes. What are your customers going to be searchingonline in order to find you? Then you need to make a list of those keywords because arethose are the ones that you want to go after and if youíre kind of lost and you are notsure what your customers are going to go after or looking forÖ Just ask them when they comethrough the doors or when they call you, just ask them ñ ëHey, if youíre going to lookfor us online, what sort of keywords would you be looking for?í and theyíll tell you.Theyíll let you know exactly what they are going to be searching for or you could gointo some keyword tools that weíre going to show you in a little while.So, this is the first step that we went through and I want you guys to do this right now.I want you to take out a pen and paper and write down a list of what you think your customerswould actually search the internet for. So if you are in Los Angeles, it would be somethinglike ëLos Angeles Heating and Airí or ëLos Angeles Heating Serviceí or ëAir 

ConditioningRepairí or if youíre a lawyer, your city and your title like ëLos Angeles Injury Lawyerí.Whatever your industry is and whatever you think people are going to be searching for,create that list right now and while youíre doing that, Iím going to show you a listthat we created right here. So, mistake number two that most people makeis that they do a little research and use keyword tools and they find the keywords thatget the most searches done every single month and you cannot do that. You cannot do thatfor one main reason ñ if you pick the keywords that get the keywords that get the most searchesevery single month ñ you are going to be picking the most competitive keywords. Sofor example, Iím going to use the heating and air again and you type in ëLos AngelesAir Conditioningí and that is the most search volume out of all of the words ñ that isgoing to be the most competitive. Now if you chose ëLos Angeles Heating and Air EmergencyServiceí or ëLos Angeles Heating Serviceí or ëLos Angeles Heating Repair Serviceí,itís not going to be as competitive because everyone is going out after this huge keywordhere and not everyone is going out over the little guys. So you may spend an entire weektrying to get ranked for the most competitive keyword, or you can pick five keywords andspend the same amount of time and get ranked higher and faster and get more searches. Soletís say this 

keyword is the most competitive keyword and it gets searched 200 times a month.Now you find five other keywords that are not competitive at all but each get 50 ñ75 searches every month and those five are going to equal more searches than this oneand you will spend less time trying to rank those five than you would this one. So youneed to actually analyse these keywords before you decide to choose them and try to get rankedfor them. I hope that makes sense. Now if you are in a small city, you donít need toworry about this as much, for example if you are a heating and air company in Los Angeles,you might have 50 or 60 competitors going for those same keywords but if you are ina small town like ëSmallsvilleí and you only have 2-3 competitors, you only have 2/3going after those same words and 

you can go after these keywords in a smaller city becauseyour competition is not very high. So that is going to lead us into analysing the keywordsonce you have that list. So once you have that list, we need to go ahead and analysethe competition of those keywords. Now if you guys are having a little bit of troubletrying to figure out some keywords, you can actually use some of the tools that we aregoing to go through in a little bit and you can actually use recommended keywords thatare related to your field ñ so donít stress too much if you havenít created a list yet.But if you have a list, what weíre going to do is go into what you need to do to actuallywee through and filter through the ones that you actually want to get ranked for and soletís go ahead and do that right now. There are two tools that I recommend usingñ one is free and that is the Google Adwords Tool and the next one is actually a paid tooland it is super effective and it really cuts down on the time and it actually analysesthe competition for you and actually

 gives you one number telling you how competitivethat keyword is and that is: Long Tail Pro. Weíre going to go through each one at a timeand Iím going explain what you need to do in Google Adwords and what you need to doin Long Tail Pro to analyse your keywords. So Google Adwords is actually a free toolthat you can use and youíll be able to find it in Google and you can put in your keywordor search and it will tell you how many times it was searched every single month. Now onthe left side of the page, youíll have the options of ëBroadí, ëPhraseí and ëExactí.Only make sure that ëExactí is clicked because that will tell you the exact amount of searchesevery month and the other ones will give you some crazy numbers because they include differentfactors but just make sure that ëexactí is chosen and youíll get the exact number.Youíll also see related keywords and stuff like that so if you are having trouble comingup with ideas, you can just type in a broad phrase and a drop down menu will appear andit will show you all their recommended keywords and so if you are having trouble thinkingof things, just go there, type in a main phrase and youíll see a huge list of keywords thatare available in your industry. Now the thing that Google Adwords is terrible with is analysingyour competition.

 It absolutely sucks. What you need to do is take the keywords thatyou are going to be choosing, put them into Google and look at the top 10 results. Youwant to see who is already ranked there, do they use that keyword in the title of theirpage, page rank of the websites in the top 10 and how long have they been thereÖ Andthere is a bunch of different factors that you need to look at if you are thinking ñcan I get ranked for this keyword? Sometimes people have been trying to get SEOed for yearsand you canít compete against them and so what you need to do is figure out how competitiveyour competition is going to be after finding out the keywords you want to go for.Thatís why I love Long Tail Pro, which is the second piece of software that I wouldrecommend because they give you a scale from 1 to 100 on how competitive that competitionis going to be and they look at the competition for you and they analyse the page rank, thebacklinks going to that site, they analyse how long those websites have been up and aton of other factors and they give you a score on how competitive that keyword is going tobe. Now when you do that you can see ñ hey this keyword is only going to be a 30 outof 100 and thatís pretty low or you may say ñ ëOh shoot, that has a 70Ö Itís not worththe 100 searches every month because Iím going to be wasting my timeí. So they giveyou one score per keyword by analysing your competition and so by one click of a buttonñ you have an entire printout of the competition and it is really awesome. I really recommendLong Tail Pro because it cuts down on the time tremendously and if you use Google AdwordsTool, you are going to have to go to the first page and youíre going to have to see youcompetition and analyse them and you can analyse them by checking out their page rank by seeinghow many backlinks they have and so it is a lot of work.If you want to try it out, if you go 

through our link, you can actually get a 10 day trialof this for free and so you can try it out for 10 days and there is no credit card oranythingÖ They just give you a download and you can try it for 10 days and see how wellit actually works and so weíll have a link below this video and so if you click our linkbelow this video and access our post number two of live marketing challenge, weíll havea resources field there and you can access it there as well. So check out the links belowthis video and weíll have a link in there and a resources link below as well.So all of that was basically step two and three. So step one is creating our list, wego through and create a list of keywords that we think our clients are actually going tobe searching when they look in Google. Step two is either plugging in those keywords ineither Google Adwords or Long Tail Pro and seeing how many searches they getÖ Now youare going to want to get the ones that have a decent amount of searches, but you are notgoing to want the ones that get a tonne. Now in that last step is step three and is actuallyanalysing the competition you get for those keywords. So you may take keyword number onethat gets 200 searches a month and analyse how long it is going to take to get rankedfor that keyword and then you go through that entire list. Then you go through the listof the ones that are just going to be way too hard to compete for and just wee themout and come up with a list of five to ten keywords that you want to start getting rankedfor. These are going to be the keywords that are going to get you the most traffic pertime invested in getting ranked. So if you use Long Tail Pro, I recommend going for keywordsthat are under 50 in the keywords competitiveness. If you are using Google Adwords tool, I recommendgoing with low

, medium keywords and sometimes you can do high ones, you really just haveto manually go through it all and check it out.So, step one is create a list that you think people are going to search for. Step two issee how many searches each of those keywords get and step three is analyse the competitionand see how hard it is to get ranked for those keywords and pick 5-10 keywords and that isit. That is basically keyword research done for you right there. So that is what I didwhen I was looking for keywords for Yoga and Napa. I created a list of keywords that Ithought people were going to be searching for and then I went in and analysed how manysearches are done for each of those keywords and then I went in and saw how competitivethose keywords were going to be and luckily for me I didnít have to go in and see howcompetitive they were going to be. Now luckily for me, they were all not very competitiveso I didnít really have to weed out too many and I just picked out the ones that were goingto get the highest search volume and that is going to be pretty typical if you livea small city. Now here is one thing that might happen to you. If you are in a small cityand you are plugging in your list and Google is coming back with no searches, it is tellingyou that this ëdoesnít get searched very muchí or ënot at allí then this is notnecessarily true. Just because Google doesnít give you an actual number or not enough searchesto track, doesnít mean that it doesnít get searched. So if you get a lot of those answers,it is going to be good because then it is not very competitive e and do not think thatëno one is searching for thisí because it is not true. You will end up getting searchesfor it and I can guarantee that you will. 

So donít worry about it if there are nota lot of things coming up. Ok guys, that is basically keyword researchand I hope that I broke it down and made it easy for you to follow along and if you haveany questions, you can leave me a comment below and I will answer your questions rightaway. Now just to recapÖ Step One: Create a list of keywords peopleare going to actually search for. Step Two: See how many searches those keywordsget. Step Three: Analyse the competition for thosekeywords and then create a list of those five or ten keywords. So that is basically all that you need todo. Now if you are watching this video on my website, below I have two videos: One showingyou how to use Google Adwords tool and the other showing you how to use Long Tail Proñ so go ahead and check them out. I also have a resource box underneath this videoshowing you links to those tools and if you go through our link to check out Long TailPro, I believe that they have a 10 day free trial going on and so go through the linkbelow and you guys can get that ten day free trial.So the next video is going to be about your website and how to title your pages the rightway with your keywords, what kind of pages to include because there is certain pagesyou need to include because people are actually looking for those pages and if you are notincluding them then you are kind of giving those searches away to your competition andso you need to have pages that are targeted towards your audience and Iím going to showyou exactly how to do that in the next video.

So if you have not signed up to follow thelive local overtake challenge, you guys can do that on the form below this video. Thereis a form where you can fill out your name and email and youíll be following the liveovertake challenge and weíll also be giving you guys the chance to get free coaching fromme at the end of this entire challenge and a bunch of other cool bonuses and so go aheadand enter your email and if you are watching YouTube, donít forget to subscribe to mychannel here or you can subscribe at and then when you subscribe, I have a coolbonus for you guys ñ I have a completely free eBook for you guys explaining video marketingand it is a cool little bonus that I think you guys should really check out and so take you to the page where you can follow the live overtake challenge, get all of thebonuses and plus on the next page after that, youíll get a free copy of the eBook thatwe just got done writing, so again, questions should be left in the comments below. I appreciate everyone following along andthis is going to be really fun and the next video is going to be super informative andwe are going to start getting into the meat and bones of this entire marketing challengeand show you guys exactly what to do and so donít forget to subscribe and Iíll see youguys in the next video. 5 


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This Post Is very Useful Learn English from Hindi daily use english conversation sentences

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This Post Is very Useful Learn English from Hindi daily use english conversation sentences

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