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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Honest clickfunnel review 2020

 - Hey do you sell stuff online? I thought you did. Whether you're an affiliatefor other companies, or you're a beginner who's thinking about starting an onlinebusiness, or maybe you already sell some of your ownproducts online already. If so, are you tired and frustrated with the technology side of things? You having to make landingpages, sales pages, having to manage awebsite, or even knowing where to get startedwith all of those things. Or maybe you're an affiliate who's tired of this puny four to 10% commissions. If so, I've the solution for you in this video, so stay tuned. Alright, hey what's up everybody? ODi Productions here, I hopeyou guys enjoyed that little intro I filmed in mybackyard here in San Diego, but anyways, I wanna getto the topic of this video, which is sharing with you a software that I've used to generatehundreds of thousands of dollars both selling my own digital products and selling the productsof other companies as well. Just to show you someproof, this is back in 2018, it's currently March 2019 and I generated over a 100,000 dollars inabout a one month span. I'm just gonna refresh this just to show you guys that this is real. So, I've sold my ownproducts using this software and I've also made over 6 figures promoting the software of others. I actually have two videoshere which I screen shared. The first one, it'searning over 21,000 dollars in a 30 day period, backin November of 2018. And I'm actually gonnajust scroll to the video, it's on my screen but Idid a little screen share and I actually show theactual government time, November seven, 2018, it was 10 a.m. That was actually in myapartment in Chicago. And here, this is inmy house in San Diego. This was March six, 2019,still 20,000 a month, you can see over a 100,000in affiliate earnings. This is not my own product at all, this is another companyand you can see it, this is an affiliate dashboard versus this is my own product in theclip from those dashboards. So, with that out the way,I just wanna share with you this software, and if you can tell this software is ClickFunnels. Now, if you've been in theinternet marketing space for whatever time, youprobably heard of ClickFunnels, and for me, I've usedClickFunnels pretty successfully, having six figure months,generating tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands ofdollars, using this software for my own and also promotingother companies' products. So, it's definitely avery powerful software and it is made for internetmarketers specifically. So, this software serves two people. There are two buckets of people. The first one is likeme, you're an affiliate and you promote other companies'products and services, and basically it's totally hands-off and all you do is promote these products that the company uses ClickFunnels or they use the Backpack whichis the affiliate software to track affiliate earnings,and as you can see, I've done that to well over the tune of over a 100,000 dollars promoting other companies' products, or you are a business owner who has your own digital products or maybe even physical products, and you sell them through websites, you sell through landing pages, you sell them basically on your website, and that's what I've done herewith my own digital product. So, those are the two buckets of people. It's either you have your own products or you are an affiliatefor other companies, you don't have any of your own products, you don't have any of your own services, but you simply like to promote and sell. Now, if you ask me between the two, I'd rather just be an affiliate because it is the leastamount of obligation, it's the most hands-off,basically all you do is you get your links, you promote, you get sales and you get paid, that's it, it's completely passive ifyou set that up correctly. So, I want to review ClickFunnelsmainly as an affiliate, but I'll also touch onClickFunnels as a business owner, because the truth is ClickFunnels is such a great affiliate opportunity, and I'm not just sayingthat, and the truth is, I'm actually gonna revealsomething really really interesting in this video, butif we just visit right here. This is ClickFunnels affiliate program, and they pay a 40% commissionthat is monthly recurring. Now those two words, monthlyrecurring is an absolutely crazy crazy thing, becausethis means you don't have to get new customers,if you can just maintain the same customers whosigned up through you, you get paid 40% of whatthey pay ClickFunnels every single month, rain or shine. So January, February, March, April as long as they stay a customer, you get 40% of theirmonthly subscription cost, and just to look at the prices right here, it starts at 97 a month,which means you're getting 38 dollars and 80 cents forevery person you sign up. So basically, if you canget 10 people to sign up, you are making 38 dollars and 80 cents, let me just multiply that real quick, I've 38 dollars and 80 cents. You're making 388 dollarsper month rain or shine, as long as these 10people stay a customer. Now, that sounds great but I mean there is even more included. So, the first thing is you don'teven have to sell anything, you can just get peopleto sign up as an affiliate for a free trial of ClickFunnels, and if you don't knowwhat ClickFunnels is, let me just show youthe software real quick, super easy to use. You can make landing pages, sales pages, you can do up sales, downsales, you can do anything that you virtually wannado with online marketing, and it's drag and drop, it'swhat you see is what you get, which means basically if Iwanna edit this, I don't have to do any code or programming, trust me, I learned on HTML andCSS, and I understand what development is, somethingthat is just not easy for the average beginner, especially if you're not tech savvy, right? Now, what's cool about this is I can literallychange this to anything. I can literally say whatever I want, I can say hey what's up everybody, watching Odi Productionschannel, yeah boom easy, did you see how I'm literallyjust, it's drag and drop, you can just click and youcan change anything you want. And whether you're anaffiliate, whether you own your own company and yousell your own products, what you can do is, for example let me just give an example for affiliates. Now if you're an affiliate,all you have to do is tick this button, reword this, copy and paste your affiliate link, actually I'm gonna dothat live for you guys. I'm gonna get anaffiliate link right here, boom got an affiliate link,I'm gonna copy and paste it into this right here, Imean you just change this, this is currently, I'm doing a pop up. So if you wanna collectemails, super easy. You have a pop up right here,I mean this is a template I just literally chose, and you can see the pop up collects emails. You get your full name,email address boom. When they click this button,it triggers this pop up. Now, we can change thisbutton to do other stuff. So, right now it triggers apop up, but why don't we just have it go to our affiliate link instead. So, I'm just gonna copy andpaste that affiliate link, yeah we'll open the same window, whatever boom, save, done, easy. So, that's just a littletaste of what you can do with ClickFunnels, it's justliterally a drag and drop, and they are super easy to use. Instead of using a website,you can just use ClickFunnels and make your landingpages, your sales pages, become an affiliate, create everything through here, super simple. And I've done it all, I've donethe WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, I've doneall of the website makers. None of them are quite assimple and easy as ClickFunnels. Now with that being said, let me take it back tothe affiliate program. So basically, the ClickFunnelsaffiliate program, 40% monthly recurring revenue, I mean if they're paying 97 a month, you get 38 dollars and 80cents if they're paying 297, I believe you're makinga 118 dollars per month. So let me just do thatbecause, let me do the math because I actually have the 297per month account right now. So, if I signed up through anyone, then they would have been receiving let's see a 118 dollarsand 80 cents, there you go. So, over a 100 dollars permonth, monthly recurring, every single month from a single customer. Now, that's how I take. If you're talking aboutaffiliates and people who know me, and if you don't know me, my name is Odi, I go by Odi Productions, andI create videos on YouTube about passive income, andwe're currently sitting at a 173,000 subscribers,almost 30 million views, which is just insane, it blows my mind. But, I love talking about passive income, and I love talking aboutaffiliate marketing specifically. And so for me, affiliatemarketing's world's allowed me to go from being a UCLAdropout back in 2015, to 2018 fast forward threeyears, having my dream garage, being able to wake up inmy dream home everyday, being able to design my day. I mean the real dream life isnot about the material things, it's about being able to wakeup and do what you wanna do. It doesn't matter what you want, whether it's driving aTwin Turbo Lamborghini, or maybe you just want to send your kids to the right schools. I mean your financialfreedom, your time freedom, your location freedom orwhat's most important. It's more of what you're ableto do and I'm so thankful that those opportunities likeClickFunnels that allow people like me in affiliatesto promote and make 40%. Guys, you're the affiliate,you're not the company. ClickFunnels has to manageand run an entire company, and they're giving you almost half of what they get from the customer. Can you believe that? That is insane that as anaffiliate, you're getting 40% of what ClickFunnels, an actual company, gets and all you have todo is promote and sell, that's it and I love that. So, speaking on affiliate marketing and how great of software this is, I've shown you my results,I'm not gonna promote, or I'm gonna showcase a software that I don't actually use myself. Let's be honest, I'm justnot that type of person who can easily sell somethingthey don't believe in, because the truth is I can't sell anything I don't believe in, andluckily I actually have used ClickFunnels with varyinglevels of success, both as an affiliate andas a business owner myself, selling my own products, andI can just say the software is so easy to use, it gets the job done, and if you guys wanna learn more about how that I actuallyuse ClickFunnels, I actually created a freeClickFunnels mini course, you can sign up in the description below, completely free, no strings attached, all you have to do is just put your email. If you guys wanna learn morehands-on about how to work this software, how to getstarted, but this video, I just want to give an overview as an affiliate reviewing this software and the affiliate program,and I mean they make it so easy for you, becauseone you don't have to actually sell peopleto sign up and buy, you actually just haveto get them to sign up for a free trial or a freetraining, or let's see, let me show you guys some ofthe stuff you can get them to sign up for and theresources they give you. They actually give youemails you can literally copy and paste, send to your email list. Look at this, you have thesubject lines, alright. You can literally take one of these, copy and paste it into Mailchimp, into whatever email marketingprovider that you use, and then you can even take the body, and then all you have to dois put your affiliate links, put your name here, it'sjust copy and paste, it doesn't get much easier than this. So, as an affiliate, Ihave to say, on two ends. One, they're supper supportiveof their affiliate program, I mean they even have a dream car program, and I'll get into that, and I'll get into why I don't have the dream car, you see I only have twomembers on my ClickFunnels, but I'm gonna reveal thatat the end of this video, but just to put things very simply. There are certain companies out there that really take pride intheir affiliate program, ClickFunnels is one of them. You can tell when a company doesn't care about their affiliates, becausetheir payments are slow, or they don't give them any resources, they don't give them adsand they don't give them landing pages that they can just swipe, they don't give 'em email copy that they can literally copy and paste, they don't really help them as much as ClickFunnelsis doing right here. But again, just doing the numbers, I mean if you could geta 100 people to sign up to ClickFunnels andbecome a paying customer, and we do the 38 dollars and 80 cents, you're making close to4000 dollars a month, monthly recurring revenueevery single month. So, I hope you guys canunderstand the power in that, I mean if you get a 100people to become a customer, a paying customer, and stay a customer, you're virtually retired if, let's say you have the average expenses, rent and you make the average which is about 45,000 dollars a year, you're literally making thatmonthly recurring revenue completely passive incomeif you can get a 100 people to become a ClickFunnelsmember, that's it, alright? So, I hope I can break thatdown as simple as possible, to actually share this in the affiliate bootcamp, a 100-day plan. Now, I don't think it's that easy, it's simple but it's not that easy. However, you guys can seehow attainable it is to. If you can get a 100 people, you literally have afull time passive income, monthly recurring every month. So, the thing aboutmonthly recurring revenue, that those two wordsmonthly recurring revenue, it means you don't haveto get new customers, which is insane. If you get a 100 people to sign up and they just stay customers, let's say for a year,two years, three years. Some may refund andcancel, some may leave, but then you might getnew customers as well, to kinda balance it out. If you keep it at a 100, you'reliterally making a full time salary in passive incomeevery single month. ClickFunnels handles everything. They handle the customer service, they handle the software,the updates, the maintenance, the bugs, they handle everything, you just sit back and relax, and all you have to focus on is selling. So get really good at selling, and then you can make a full time passive income, and virtually retire. So with that being said, again if you guys wanna learn more abouthow to use ClickFunnels, I have that free mini course below, you guys can sign up for that. But some other resources I'llgive you guys just for free, because I'm part of ClickFunnels. Obviously I have anaccount, I've done numbers with ClickFunnels, butyou guys can sign up for some of the free toolsin the description below. I'll have a link to thefree affiliate bootcamp, I have links to the dream car program, you guys can learn more about that. Basically, if you can get those 100 people to sign up for ClickFunnels,not only are you making a full time balance of income,they will literally pay up to 500 dollars a month fora lease of your dream car. That's enough to get a Mercedes, BMW, but if you can get 200, they actually pay up toa 1000 dollars a month. And luckily for me, Ialready own my dream garage, there's two car that aresitting in there, the 911 Turbo, and the Porsche, the Porsche 911 Turbo, and the Twin Turbo Lamborghini, I'm good when it comes to the cars, but I wouldn't mind a third one. Now with that being said,a 1000 dollars a month is more than enough toget a really nice BMW, Mercedes, Audi, probably even a Porsche, depending on what caryou're looking at obviously. But with that being said,they do cool stuff like that, they do the dream car programand at the end of the day, ClickFunnels is a great software, I've had great results with it, so, I can easily recommendClickFunnels to the next person, but basically, in terms of ease of use, in terms of being ableto easily drag and drop anything you want and not having to deal with the crazy codingprogramming and web developing, that I've had to do in the past, ClickFunnels is a great great software. Now with that being said, it's pricy. I've gotta be honest,I gotta show you guys, it's starts at 97 dollars a month, and I know what you're thinking. It's a lot of money, it'sa lot of money for anyone. With that being said, if youwould've get three people to sign up for ClickFunnels,you will literally make your money back and more, a 116 dollars and 40 cents per month, monthly recurring revenueif you can get three people to sign up for ClickFunnels,and guys ClickFunnels is a legit software, I'vemade hundreds of thousands of dollars through it and with it, and I can't recommend it anymore anymore highly than I am right now. I'm very objective when itcomes to the tools I use, if it's worth it, I'll say it's worth it, if it's not worth it thenI'll tell you guys the truth. But so far from two aspects,one if you're a business owner, you're looking to make more sales, maximize your profit per customer, and your lifetime customervalue to up sales, down sales, and the wholesales funnel process, then I highly recommend ClickFunnels because that's what they're all about. Now if you're an affiliate, you don't have any of your own products, I mean doing the maths, lookingat this affiliate program, 40% monthly recurring revenue. The thing is with Amazon associates, you basically get betweenfour to 10% if you're lucky, usually four to 8 percentcommission on a product's price. So if this product, theseheadphones cost 350 dollars, and it's a 6% commission,I would make 21 dollars and I would only make that one time, I would have to go get a new customer to buy a 350 dollar pair of headphones every single time I wanna make 21 dollars, whereas with this, with software, all you have to do isget one customer one time and let them stay a customer, and you get that money every single month, 38 dollars and 80 centsevery singly month, that's more than sellinga 350 dollars headphone through Amazon associates. So, just to put that in perspective, I mean it's either you promote headphones or you promote a marketing software that has literally processedover a billion dollars online in sales, I mean take your pick, but I would rather promote ClickFunnels. Alright so, some of you may be wondering, how can ClickFunnels afford to pay 40% of what the customerspay them to an affiliate who basically, otherthan getting the sale, doesn't really do much of anything. I mean ClickFunnels has todeal with the customers, they have to deal with the maintenance and running the company and the website and the business and the software. So, how can they afford to pay 40%? Well the truth is, itcomes down to software. Software is very easy to replicate in terms of for onecustomer, for 10 customers, for a 100 customers,it's the same software, it's all automated, it's amachine, it runs like a machine, and so it's very easy to add more users for a software and scale it up. That's where software comes in handy. Because when you have let'ssay a t-shirt business or any sort of physical product business, the thing is you haveto make a new t-shirt for every new customer, ifyou have a second customer, a third customer, a fourth customer, it's always the same thing. You have to pay five dollarsto get that t-shirt made for the second, the third,the fourth, the 20th, the 20,000th, but for software,you make the software once, and that software is prettymuch gonna be the same, it's gonna be able to handle,let's say two, 20, 200, 2000 people who relatively the same without really scalingup your cost that much. So, that's one thing about softwares, because they've such low overhead versus a physical product business, they can afford to spend more on marketing and to pay affiliates, because they know that at the end of the day, they are still coming out on top, they're still making a profit. Now, the last thing I'mgonna cover in this video is why if I'm promoting ClickFunnels and obviously you guyshave seen my results using the ClickFunnels platform, why don't I have at least 200 members signed up for ClickFunnelsunder me as an affiliate? Now you see this, I've two. I got two customers signed up under me, I'm not even close to getting a dream car, I wish I was closer, but I'm at two and I'll show you guymy backing right here, I literally have two customers, who signed up for the basic start up plan, 97 dollars a month, andI'm getting 38.80 each which amounts to 77 dollars and 60 cents monthly recurring revenue. Not bad, but essentially for me, having made upwards of 20,000 a month from affiliate products, froma single affiliate product, then this is kinda starting from scratch. Now the whole reason for this, is because I'm actuallystarting up a live case study for my mentorship programpassive income lifestyle, where I'm gonna show themhow far I can take this, within let's say 30, 60, 90 days, I'm gonna show everyone behind the scenes, it's like getting a backstage pass, and I'm gonna see if I cantake these two customers, take it up to 20, maybe take it up to 200, or maybe even more,maybe get my dream car, maybe get my third dream car, we'll see. But I'm gonna be doing a live case study. Right now, I'm only gonnabe showing that two people who are members of my passiveincome lifestyle program, which by the way has been just amazing, I recently had a student who, one month after finishingthe eight-week program, had his first 1000 dollarday in passive income. So shout to you Connor. Actually I used to workwith him when I used to work in nine to five, and I'mjust so proud of him, if he's watching this,big shout to you bro. And with that beingsaid, I'm gonna be doing this live case study for my group, but I might possibly openthis up to the public at a lower price, because Ijust closed affiliate marketing champ, which was my first program and because the price ofpassive income lifestyle, I understand is a higher ticket program, not everyone can access that, perhaps having access to this case study where you guys can see metake an affiliate product that anyone can promote,anybody can promote, it's a software, it's aninternet marketing software, and they literally make it soeasy for you to promote them. I mean they do the hardheavy lifting for you, all you have to do is gettraffic and then get sales. So, with that being said, I'm actually doing something really fun and it's that live case study, I'm gonna see how far I can take this, and there is no guarantees,there is no promises, I'm not gonna tell you guys, I'm gonna take this fromzero to 8000 a month, monthly recurring revenue, that'll be six figures ayear in passive income. I'm not gonna promise that,but having seen my track record if you guys follow me on YouTube,and seeing what I can do, I think this is a very funand exciting experiment that we're gonna do it, I'm gonna document every single step of the process, show every single thingI do to get these sales. So, I'm really excited for that, if you're interested in that,I might open up a wait list in the description below, youguys can sign up for that. But, that basically wraps up this video, that is my review of ClickFunnels, just from a user standpoint,a customer standpoint, both using it as a business owner to sell my own digital products, and as an affiliate I'vesold over six figures worth at least my commission of six figures of other people's productsusing ClickFunnels dashboard, and ClickFunnels platform, I should say. So with that being said,this wraps up this video. Again, if you wanna learnmore about ClickFunnels, I actually created a freemini course for you guys, you can join that in thethe description below, and I hope to see you guys in there. Until next time, I hope youguys hit the like button and subscribe, and alsohit the notification bulb, because you're not subscribed if you don't hit the notification bulb. Last but not at least, comment below. I want you guys to comment ClickFunnels if you want to learnmore about this software. Alright so, I hope you guys enjoy this. I'll catch you guys in the next one. Take it easy, peace. 

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