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Saturday, July 4, 2020

highest-paying affiliate programe 2020

Highest-paying affiliate programe 2020

 what's going on guys welcome to today'svideo so today I'm going to be talking about the highest-paying affiliate  programs that you can promote in 2019 and some of these you can actually makeup to like eight to ten thousand dollars per sale so definitely stay tuned forsome of those later on in the video but before I go ahead and jump into today'svideo if you haven't yet make sure to go ahead and subscribe and don't forget to turn on the notification though because I'm releasing videos like this pretty  

consistently on my channel I have some really cool videos plans coming out foryou guys so definitely don't miss any of those anyways this is what we're gonnabe covering in today's video so the first thing is what to look for in anaffiliate program and network after that I'm gonna be going over high ticketproducts vs. high commission rate products and I'm also gonna be talkingabout recurring Commission products and programs and kind of the pros and consof each and which ones you want to kind of focus on promoting first and kind offocus on promoting in the back end and which ones will give you recurringcommissions which is obviously the recurring commissions but I'm gonna betalking about some separate programs so you can actually promote in order tomake those recurring commissions and lastly I'm going to give you guys a listof the highest-paying affiliate programs so let's go ahead and jump into thisvideo all right so what do you want to look for when you're promoting anaffiliate program so finding the right affiliate program to promote isessential to your success now if you don't find the right program that kindof matches your audience or isn't really that popular you're not really gonnahave that much success because no one's really looking to buy that program andthe reason why you know I really love affiliate marketing is because you don'thave to convince people to buy the product people are already looking forthe product and they're already looking for to buy it you're just coming in asthe middleman offering more value more enthusiasm and just coming in at theright time for the right person you know depending on the product that they'researching for and you know you need to also be able to provide value to yourniche and market with the products and if you don't have any value noenthusiasm you're not gonna make any sales with affiliate marketing now inthe beginning small 10 to 20 dollar

 Commission's are great to get startedand to build motivation and actually great to get people to become buyers andget to join your email list but you know ultimately you want to align yourself with higher paying affiliate programsyou know think commissions of $60 $150 or even thousands of dollars this iswhere you're gonna make the most money with affiliate marketing and this iswhat's gonna allow you to build an affiliate marketing business and notjust have an affiliate marketing hobby were you making maybe you know a couplehundred or a couple thousand dollars per month on the back end is what's reallygonna allow you to grow as an affiliate with your business you know you alsowant to make sure that you can create amazing content that can leave a lastingimpact on someone and if people are looking for a review on something orstep-by-step guide or some type of how-to and just create an epic piece ofcontent you know 20 or 30 minute video or an entire in-depth guy which is like3,000 to 5,000 words you know people are gonna love that you know people loveconsuming long contact especially if it's for a higher priced item you'rejust gonna build the deeper rapport deeper connection with your audience andit's gonna become easier to sell whether it be a smaller product or even a higherticket product so another thing that you want to look at is to make sure tocompare the popularity of the programs you find as well as the niche now youcan't really judge the quality of a product solely based on the Commission'sthat you receive you know you're gonna find plenty of high paying affiliateprograms out there that aren't really that great you know you might find aprogram that's gonna give you a thousand or two thousand dollars in Commissionbut honestly no one's probably really looking for that you want to researchthe quality of the product before you start thinking about promoting it kindof check out the website get a feel for what they do read any reviews that theyhave Google searches the brand name just do your research before you startpromoting the product because if no one is buying the product in the first placeyou're kind of wasting

 your time and you're not gonna really make any salesand that's one of the reasons why a lot of people don't really make money withaffiliate marketing because you're trying to get in front of people who areactively searching for a product and you know you're not gonna find that muchsuccess if you know there's only a couple hundred people searching for yourproduct each and every single month I mean I would recommend you know ifthere's like thousands of people or even tens of thousands or millions of people search for that type of product that you try topromote those products rather than something that's a lot harder to try andpromote and try and get a sale off of al right so in addition to checking outhow popular the program and the product is that you trying to promote you alsowant to take a look at the cookie duration now what a quickie is it'sbasically just a little piece of code that goes on the end of the URL or onthe landing page and it lets the person know that who's selling the product thatyou know the sale did it come from you and so the sale does get credited to younow some affiliate programs you know the cookie only lasts for about 30 days sofrom the time that somebody clicks on your link they have 30 days to purchaseor else the sales not gonna go to you now each affiliate program is different  

you know some have them for 15 days some have them for 90 days and there are somethat actually last for a lifetime and these are actually sticky cookies andthere's some of the top affiliate programs out there that actually usesticky cookies so you definitely want to check out and you know kind of look outfor that whenever you're doing your research now this basically means thatyou'll be paid every time a customer you referred makes a purchase and you knowthis even means that you know if the customer decides to cancel for a coupleof months and their own a recurring program or you know there's otherproducts that that seller is selling you know if they come back a couple monthsdown the line you're still gonna get the credit for that sale so that's reallyreally awesome so if you're trying to promote affiliate programs and affiliateproducts and try to make the most amount of money just try to look for programsand products that have sticky cookies and like I was mentioning earlier if youwant to have an actual affiliate marketing business and you want tobecome a super affiliate you need to make sure that the program of theproduct um has some products on the back end or if they upsell any 

additional products um it's a lot easier to get somebody to come back and buy anotherproduct than it is to get somebody new to go ahead and purchase so that's where these back end sales and these upsells really come in because they can reallymultiply the amount of money that you're making through your affiliate marketingefforts without really having to get anybody new to purchase the product orthe program and the back end is usually where businesses make the most amount ofmoney now let's just say for example you purchase an e-book on how tolose weight it might be $7 or you might have downloaded it for free now ifsomebody puts you through the sales funnel or through the backend of theirbusiness you're gonna see that to try to sell you maybe coaching or maybe sometype of higher-end program or product and weight loss now let's just say thatthey end up purchasing a $500 or $1,000 program you'll end up making you knowmaybe a hundred to three hundred dollars just for the affiliate Commission andyou didn't even have to get them to make an initial purchase or you know if theydid make the initial purchase it was a very low ticket item but that's kind ofhow sales funnels work I'm you know not everybody's gonna end up purchasing the$500 product or the thousand-dollar product but the people that do that'swhere the majority of your income for your business and healthy cash flow isgonna come in for your affiliate marketing business and this last one ismore of a bonus than anything else but it's are there any second tier commissions now what a second tier Commission pretty

 much is is that youget paid a percentage of sales from any affiliates that you refer to thebusiness so if somebody signs up underneath of you and they purchasedfrom your link and then they start becoming an affiliate and they startreferring people you start making a percentage of whatever they refer so itusually it's like really small anywhere from three to five percent so you're notonly making money from promoting the business's products and services you canactually also earn a percentage from other affiliates that making that aremaking sales for the business so that that's actually really cool and it's anice little source of income that comes in usually it's not that big butwhatever does come in is a nice little bonus to where you're currently makingwith that affiliate product and program all right so now let's go ahead and takea look at high ticket products versus high Commission rate products versus recurring Commission products so like I mentioned I'm gonna be going over thepros and cons of each and let's go ahead and start with high commission rateproducts now the products were typically cheap

 they range anywhere from $20 to$100 but the Commission rate is pretty high this can be anywhere from 40percent all the way to a hundred percent yes there are some affiliate programsthat give you a hundred percent of the initial sale you know you can find a lotof them on Clickbank or you can just research them on goobut they're definitely out there and they're some of my favorite to promotefor these higher Commission rate products now these products are easierto sell but you do need to sell a lot more and get a lot more traffic and thata high ticket product and that's kind of like the only con that comes with thesehigh commission rate products now if your goal is to make ten thousanddollars a month and you're selling a fifty dollar product with 50%Commission's then you're gonna need to sell about 400 copies of that product attwenty-five dollars per sale and if you're just getting started and youdon't really know what to do with affiliate marketing 400 copies of aproduct can be a pretty daunting number but let's just say for example that wealso went ahead and threw in a high ticket product in there and you madefive sales at five hundred dollar commission that's already twenty-fivehundred dollars that's 

coming in just from a high ticket product and if yourgoal is to still make ten thousand dollars a month instead of selling fourhundred copies of that low ticket product you now only have to sell threehundred copies which is 25% off the amount of products that you need to sellso it becomes a lot easier to try and reach your goal of ten thousand dollarsa month or whatever your goal may be so that's kind of how these high commissionrate products and high ticket products play together and if your goal is tosell a million dollars per year then you're actually gonna need to sell about40,000 copies of that item which is hard even for the best of the best marketersthat's why we want to use a mix of no different types of Commission productsnow a great place for these is Clickbank or jvzoo or really any other topaffiliate network like Rakuten or share sale or even the Amazon Associatesprogram I saw up next we have high ticket products now these products aretypically more expensive they can range anywhere from $200 $1000 $10,000 or even$25,000 or more but the Commission rate is typically lower and it's 

anywherefrom ten to thirty percent but at the price that these products are it's stilla huge Commission that you're making on these products now these products areharder to sell but you need to sell less and you need to get less traffic than ahigh Commission rate product now if your goal is to make $10,000 a month withthese types of products and you sell $1,000with 30% Commission's you'll only need to sell 33 copies of that product at$300 per sale in order to make $10,000 per month but the thing with the highticket products is that you need to get in front of the right people what youknow especially if you're just getting started can be difficult and it can beharder to convert or get in front of somebody to make that high ticket salewhich is why if you're a beginner I would recommend promoting the higher commission rate products now these products are great products to sell onthe back end after a high commission rate product I mean an example that Igave back for the high commission rate product or if you're selling you knowthe $50 product and you're making the $25.00 Commission you're trying to makethe $10,000 per month it's easier to kind of mix it and with a higher ticket product so that you don't have to sell that many copies I'm you know if you'redoing any paid traffic you don't have to spend that much money on traffic inorder to get those sales and you know you don't mean nearly as many people tomake those sales from remember it was five people to make $2,500 with a fivehundred dollar 

commission product rather than a hundred people in order to makethe same twenty five hundred dollars but with a twenty five dollar commissionproduct and lastly I want to talk to you guys about recurring commissions and nowthese products are a subscription product they're typically a SAS productwhich stands for software as a service and they can range anywhere from $20 to$500 per month now these products are extremely powerful and they're actuallyone of my favorite because they can help you build a solid base of recurringincome and healthy cash flow to your business now if you refer someone onceyou get paid for as I as long as they stay subscribed to the service and tothe business so you know year down the road you know you're still getting paidif the person signed up two years three years down the road you're still gettingpaid and that's the awesome thing about these programs now one of the 

hardestthings to do is getting people to buy the first time and that's why this is sopowerful because you know they're literally paying each and every singlemonth and you know let's just say for example you're promoting click funnelsit's one of the affiliate programs that I'm more familiar with if you getsomebody to sign up at the basic level at $97 per month you're making $40 permonth and now let's just say you start getting 5 to 10 people each and everysingle month by the end of the year that'sgonna be fifty to a hundred people signed up to clickfunnels paying eachand every single month and you're gonna be making anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000per month passively without having to do any additional work once you get theperson to sign up which is why this is really amazing and they're one of myfavorite types of commissions now these commissions they're typicallynot that big but they end up compounding over time and they can be one of themost passive forms of income in your business now let's go ahead and get intothe highest paying programs that you can promote for your affiliate 

marketingbusiness now I'm going to be breaking these up into four different categories just so it's easier to follow along and find a product that you can promote foryour business so first off we're gonna be talking about business entrepreneurship marketing programs then I'm going to cover with travel programsand after that just go into personal finance and investing programs and closethe video off with health fitness and beauty programs and before I go aheadand cover all of these affiliate programs I'm not gonna go into each andevery single one and kind of be like a deep dive for each one for the amount ofprograms that I have that would probably take me like an hour to an hour and ahalf and I don't want that video this video to get that long but I'm gonna goahead and tell you guys what the affiliate programs are just a little bitabout them I've kind of organized them in categories within each niche so itwould be a little bit easier for you to go ahead and research them if there'sone that I do talk about the kind of interest to and it's within your nicheand your audience will like it then feel free to go ahead and do some additionalresearch on it but I just want to provide you guys with what the affiliateprogram is and how much money that you could potentially make with the programso the first one that I'm gonna 

be talking about as business and marketingand I'm going to be talking about web hosting now web hosting is extremely powerful because every single business and everysingle company needs web hosting trying to have your own online presence andhave your own website whether that be with WordPress or any other type ofcontent management provider you need to have web hosting so these are extremelypopular and they're pretty easy to sell now the first one that I have up isBluehost and you can make anywhere from 65 to 150 dollars per referralof course if you want to make 150 peripheral you need to probably sellanywhere from 20 to 30 or more web hosting packages per month but Bluehostis one of the leading web hosting providers on the entire internet I thinkthey boast anywhere from like two to five million sites signed up underneathof them they have a great customer service and they're who I

 would recommend if you know you were gonna sign up for hosting with WordPress andtry to get your own website up now up next their site ground you know they'resimilar to Bluehost I do pretty much the same thing they pay anywhere from 50 to120 dollars plus per referral again the $120 comes with volume now dexter'shostgator Hostgator is one of the most popular you know they've been aroundsince I believe the late 1990s may can make anywhere from $50 to a hundred andtwenty-five dollars per sale and they're also one of the top three web hosting onthe entire internet along with Bluehost and SiteGroundnow up next is WP engine now this one is a little bit more complex and a littlebit more expensive and you get paid either $200 or a hundred percent of thefirst month now this can range from 

$200 all the way up to tens of thousands ofdollars per referral it just depends on the plan that the person signs up undernow up next there's also liquid web liquid web there's a newer web hostingbut they provide up to $1,500 per sale if somebody signs up to the enterprisepackage of course you're not gonna get a lot of enterprise sign ups before theother ones you can still make a couple hundred dollars per sale or even ahundred to two hundred dollars per sale with liquid web and then the last one isKinston now this is one of the newer ones and I found that while I was doingmy research for this video but you can make anywhere from fifty to five hundreddollars and this one here is a little bit different than all the other webhosting providers because Kinston also allows for recurring commissions andwhile Bluehost

 SiteGround and all the other ones listed here don't have any recurring commissions it's pretty cool that Kinston does give you 10% recurringcommissions and yes it's 10% it's not that much but it's more than any of theother platforms so it could be a little bit moreto promote cancer over the other ones but you know you can just go ahead andtest see what your audience likes and see what the market responds to and justpromote whichever one brings you in the most money or whichever one I guess youlike the most now up next I want to go over some ofthe different marketing soft words that you can use in your business or that youcan refer other business owners and affiliates to use and promote so thefirst one and one of my favorite programs is click funnels now they're alanding page and sales funnel builder now with click funnels you can makeanywhere from thirty eight dollars and 80 cents all the way to a 

hundred andeighteen dollars and eighty cents per month which comes out to be about 40percent recurring each and every month now with click funnels you know there isa drop-off just like with every single other a recurring program and SASproduct but you know you if you have 100 affiliates to sign up under you with thef30 880 you can make close to $4,000 per month now if you have a hundred affiliates with a hundred and eighteen dollar per month program then you canmake all the way up to you know almost twelve thousand dollars per month withjust this one affiliate program by having only a hundred people sign upunderneath of you now all you have to do is just get ten people to sign up withclick funnels each and every month so click funnels is definitely powerful andif people are actually signed up to the recurring plan and they buy any of clickfunnels as other products that you can make the Commission on those products solet's just say they buy a thousand dollar course you can make up to $400with just that one course alone and if they end up purchasing any of the higherpriced items anyone from like three thousand dollars all the way to the$15,000 to comic Club coaching you can make all the way up to a thousanddollars up to three thousand dollars with just one sale from click funnels soit's definitely pretty powerful and if you're doing anything online marketing Iwould recommend promoting click funnels now up next there's Shopify I'm surethat if you guys have been hung youtube at all or in digital marketing you'veseen that Shopify has been gaining a lot of popularity the past couple yearsespecially with drop shipping the past two years and everybody just 

promotingdrop shipping you guys know what Shopify it is and you can make all the way up to200 of the first month which could beanywhere from like 60 to 200 to $300 all the way up to $2,400 if you get somebodyto sign up under the enterprise plan and if you do build a website or like aShopify store for somebody else and they sign up through your link you could alsomake 20% recurring commissions as well you just won't get the 200 percent ofthe first month now the next one we have big commerce big commerce is similar toShopify it allows you to build ecommerce stores now it's pretty much the sametype of affiliate commission structure you make 200 percent of the first monthwhich is anywhere from 60 to $500 or you can make all the way up to $1,500 if yourefer an enterprise plan but up next this instapage instapage is similar toclickfunnels that they allow you to build landing pages and sales funnelsnow you can make up to 30% recurring each and every single month if somebodysigns up under insta page which is anywhere from 23 dollars and 70 centsall the way up to 68 dollars and 70 cents now the next one is teachableteachable is where you can host an online coursenow tons of people in the marketing and health and fitness and just all acrossthe internet use teachable to host their courses they're one of the best onesthat they have a super-clean interface makes is it's extremely easy to usenow teachable you also make 30% recurring for everybody that signs upthrough your link now this could be anywhere from nine dollars per month allthe way to a hundred and fifty dollars per month again 

depending on which planpeople sign up underneath of now up next is active campaign now I put activecampaign because that's the email autoresponder that I use but there's andthere's hundreds of different tents there's hundreds of different emailautoresponders that you can use instead of active campaign that just happens tobe the one that I use so I went ahead and put it in here but usually theseautoresponders tend to have recurring commissions as well so with activecampaign you can make anywhere from nine dollars to 83 dollars per monthrecurring and then I also want to talk about SEM rush now SEM rush it's a veryvery popular tool especially among people who do seand just any other type of digital marketing professionals now it's anall-in-one marketing toolkit and they offer a wide range of features from technical SEO audits to rank tracking and competitor intelligence now ifyou're doing any type of SEO for a local business or you're trying to rank anaffiliate site then this is a perfect tool and with SEM rush you can actuallymake anywhere from 40 dollars up to a hundred and sixty dollars per month forevery single person that has signed up under you for SEM rush and then the lastone for marketing software is HubSpot now with HubSpot you can make anywhere from $50 per month or you can also make up to $1,000 per sale now HubSpot isactually a pretty cool tool it's a fully featured marketing and sales automation platform for entrepreneurs they're one of the biggest crm players in the space and they serve as a perfect example of how you can leverage the power ofcontent marketing to grow a business HubSpot has actually one of the bestcontent marketing strategies out there they get I think close like five millionvisits per month all through SEO and blogging and just putting content outthere now you know this is not practical like if you're trying to start abusiness like

  HubSpot but they are a great business to go ahead and be in aPhilly for and get people to sign up under just because the sheer force andthe sheer power and the amount of people that you know they have control of inthe digital marketing space they're just a great platform to go ahead and promoteso if you want to check them out they call the HubSpot and lastly underneathbusiness marketing I want to talk about any online course so pretty much anycourse available online that costs you know for anywhere from $500 to $4,000per month and the average commission for these courses will be anywhere fromtwenty to forty percent so each sale has the potential to bring in anywhere from$100 to $1600 per sale now this can be any online course on their SEO affiliate marketing YouTube Amazon FBA Shopify Instagram building a Facebook group justanything that you know relates to business and marketing and any onlinecourse that is pretty high priced again anywhere from 500 to $4,000 typicallyconverts pretty well just make sure that you're promotingcourse that is pretty popular and that the person who created of course isactually spending money on advertising you know building their own audience andit's actually a pretty popular course there's a lot of courses out there thatreally aren't worth even fifty dollars so make sure to do your own research andthen it's most likely and it's most 

beneficial for it to be a course thatyou know you actually took in that it actually helped you and you were able togenerate great results with the course for yourself and you can show otherpeople that it's not a scam and that it can actually work for them if they goahead and put the work in all right so let's go ahead and move on to travel andtalk about the best travel programs and sites that you can promote if you have atravel blog or travel YouTube channel so the first one is Villiers now they're aprivate luxury aircraft company and you can make up to 30% of the total profitsnow since this is a private jet company you know the average sale is gonna bevery high so you can make anywhere from $200 all the way through three thousanddollars and more just depending on how much people are spending for 

theseprivate jet flights you know they can range anywhere from like a thousand toten thousand dollars or even more just depending on the destination and thetype of plane that you rent out in order to you know fly you wherever you need togo and you also have the chance in order to make recurring commissions if anybodyespecially the person who signs up under you just uses the company again thenyou'll make the Commission on that person again and that's a really coolperk of you know being an affiliate for this program called Villiers now thenext one is Sandals Resorts they have about 15 luxury hotels and resorts downin the Caribbean and you make four percent of sales now four percentdoesn't seem like a lot but you know whenever you're booking a vacation ittends to be pretty expensive so you can make anywhere from like a hundred twentyhundred thirty-eight dollars all the way to five hundred dollars persale then the next one is called Mehta travels it's another travel program youcan make up to $100 per referral up Nexus VIP cars it's a car rental companyyou can make 

anywhere from fifty to seventy percent of sales just reallycool for a car company like in order to offer those high upcommissions then up next is verbal comm you can makeanywhere from 3 percent per traveler or you can make up to $20.00 per newlisting and lastly I have these three sites which you guys have probably heardof but they all offer their own unique affiliate programs and they'redefinitely something that you probably want to embed on your site or on yourchannel but it's Travelocity TripAdvisor and priceline.com alright so aftertravel we have personal finance and investing programs now the first onethat I have listed here is eToro and you can make up to a hundred and sixtydollars per deposit now the really cool thing about eToro is a it's the world'sleading social investment network you can trade and invest in stockscurrencies and commodities and the cool thing about eToro is that you canactually copy the trading strategies of successful investors now with eat or youcan make up to a 

hundred and sixty dollars for every customer thatcompletes a deposit through the platform now the next the next program iscredible you can make up to two hundred and forty dollars per accepted loanoffer so with credible it's actually they actually specialize in helpingstudents find the best loans for their studies and they also help studentsrefinance the loans for better deals so this is definitely something that youcould target more towards I'd say college students or parents of collegestudents to try to get them to sign up with a credible and you can make like Imentioned up to two hundred and forty dollars per accepted loan offer now thenext program after credible is personal capital now with personal capital youcan make up to $100 per qualified lead and if you keep on bringing them inqualified leads you can actually make more than a hundred dollars per lead sowhat personal capital pretty much does is that they're an online wealth management management firm and they actually control about five and a 

halfbillion dollars in assets for clients just all throughout their entireplatform now the next program is a binary options affiliate program youknow this is for people who trade binary options and forex and you can maketwo hundred and fifty dollars per trader refered then the next program is an ETex affiliates now this is more of a CPA which means cost per acquisition but youcan make up to five hundred dollars if you refer somebody on the silver planand you can make all the way up to eight hundred dollars if you can refersomebody on the platinum plan and then the last one is Kol mix and now Colmanso you can make up to a thousand dollars per funded account now a coleman'sprovides is a trading platform that allows people to trade in the capitalmarkets so again anything like Forex the stock market CFDs and futures and youcan make forty percent commissions for every client that you convert from yourwebsite so you can make up to a thousand dollars again in CPA commissions andlastly we have health fitness and beauty programs so the first one that I havehere is organifi now organifi has been one of the top converting offers andhealth and fitness over the past couple of years they've actually done overthirty to forty million dollars in sales they have hundreds of thousands ofcustomers and 

they're still going strong they're still one of the top convertingoffers on Clickbank now with organifi they sell green supplements and anythingpretty much for weight loss and optimizing health and fitness now youcan make anywhere from up to sixty to a hundred and twenty dollars up front andyou can also make thirty percent recurring commissions which is up toseventy-five dollars per month depending on the supplements and programs thatpeople are purchasing from organifi and if you're a health and fitness I willdefinitely consider looking into organifi and see if it makes sense foryou to promote it to your audience now the next one that I have here isJames Allen now James Allen is more of a website tailored for engagements bridesand weddings but their average sale is very very high they the average sale isI believe sixty-five hundred dollars so you make about two hundred and seventyfive dollars per sale now again you know if the sale ends up being closer to tenthousand dollars you make 5% so that would be $500 Commission and if you makea $5,000 sale that's only two hundred and fifty dollar Commission but you knowimagine getting twenty to thirty brides you know just one bride each and everysingle 

month to kind of purchase through James Allen through your linkthat would be you know 275 dollars per day pretty much which would lead toclose to nine to ten thousand dollars per month just from promoting JamesAllen and getting one single bride and pretty much engagement and wedding partyto sign up with James Allen now up next to spend three seventy five you can makeup the $90 per sale and this is you know kind of like weight loss supplements andkind of fat burning now they've actually been around for a very long time andhave over two hundred and fifty thousand customers globally so they're a verypopular program and they're still going strong and you can still promote it andstill make a lot of money again up to ninety dollars per sale and the last onethat I had for health and fitness is pretty much anything on Clickbank now Iknow that this is you know for high paying affiliate programs and Clickbankthey typically tend to have lower paying affiliate programs but you can make $20to $60 per sale and a lot of the programs that they have whether it beweight loss or woodworking or personal development and self-help you know theysell extremely extremely well and you can sell ten to twenty you know coursesand programs each and every single day through your affiliate marketing effortsso 

Clickbank it's definitely something not to sleep on and it's definitely agreat way to promote get those initial buyers in and then you can promote someof the higher priced offers to your list and make even more money and have anactual affiliate marketing business instead of affiliate marketing hobby and anyways guys that is it for today's video you know I hope that you enjoyedit I hope that you were able to pick up a lot of gold nuggets and some amazing programs for you to promote for your own affiliate marketing business if youenjoyed it make sure to go ahead and leave a like don't forget to subscribeif you haven't yet and leave a comment down below just about any of theaffiliate programs or anything that I talked about or any type of content thatyou want to see from me in the future anyways guys I'll see you in the nextvideo 

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