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Friday, July 3, 2020

Digital marketing salary india

 digital marketing is searing hot with opportunities right now and the companies are trying to take the benefit of the power of digital in their marketing strategy to grow their businesses which leads to the creation of a huge amount of opportunities for individuals who aretrying to make their career into digital marketing, it is expected that 2020 isgonna create over 20 lags jobs in the the digital marketing industry. Isn't thatexciting friends... but at the same time there comes an obvious question alongwith these many jobs what kind of salaries

 I can get if I get in dude youdo not have an industry so in this video we are going to answer that question foryou for the sides for a digital marketer salary so just like any other industryin digital marketing a couple of key factors decide what salary you're gonnaget apart from your own skill sets and your education background for example ifyou are from a city like Mumbai or Bangalore or Metro City you willobviously get a little higher than someone who is doing the same job in acity like not poor or save lie because these cities like Metro cities havehigher cost of living so obviously you get to earn a little more because ofyour location another factor is what kind of industries you are getting intofor example if you are getting into an internet marketing driven company forexample you are in e-commerce business then of course you will get much higherthan an industry which is a very conventional industry and it's notreally digital savvy then another very important factor is and it it isactually really important for you to understand that digital marketing is anumbrella term and there are there are different different teams and verticalsinside it for example email marketing is a vertical social media marketing yourGoogle Ads your blogging of create content marketing video marketinga lot of things are there so it also depends what kind of row you are gettinginto if you are getting into whether you are getting into a rule which is a veryindividual centric role your salary is going to be lower than someone who iscontributing in a much larger way for example if you're running Google Ads youwill have higher salary than someone who is doing SEO as an interview individualcontributor so yeah these are the factors down the side what kind ofsalary you will get apart from the main factor which is what kind of educationbackground you have so if you are coming from an Ivy College of course you willhave a very good head start because because of your colleagues name andtheme and the hard work that you have done to get into that college you mightget campus placement and you will get a good head start typically from IvyCollege if you are signing your career you can easily get into a digitalmapping job from starting it lacks package per annum to as high as 20 25lakhs per annum and if you are not from an Ivy League college there are againseveral factors that decide what kind of salary you will start with so you'reright out of college and you're looking for a digital marketing job what kind ofsalary you will get so for fresher does not have any kind of digital experiencesalary could be somewhere between 1.5 to 3 lakhs and if you are having a master'sdegree C ambient marketing and you have internship in digital marketing or stufflike that you can start somewhere between 2 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs per annumum you might argue that the entry-level job pays you really less but at the sametime I would like you to consider that digital marketing in digital marketingit is not uncommon to 100% I got 50% salary hike because onceyou are able to demonstrate that you are really good at your work it you cannegotiate for higher salary now coming to a mid-level our digital marketing jobprofile suppose you are a digital marketing manager so now you are notjust executing stuff you are also learning organizing getting stuff executed your little senior in your profile so so now you will be able toget much more than an entry-level job obviously so your package could be somewhere between 5 lakhs to as high as 18 lakhs per annum so yeah excitingphase of the career mid management level and if you are now aiming to get intothe next level which is leading a team or heading a team of digital marketersor hitting a specific political you are in a large company heading or PPCvertical you are a large company heading social media world vertical your salarycould range between 20 lakhs per annum to as high as 50 60 lakhs if you are anarmed midst a midsize level company so you understand that head of marketing ofa small company will get X amount of salary and head of marketing ofmid-level company you would get X plus and the bigger company would get X plusplus because obviously the budgets are increasing and the amount of risk isalso increasing so obviously your salary but also includes accordingly yeah so 

Iguess I have grown a fair amount of understanding on what kind of salary youcan get in digital marketing of course there are several exceptions in thedigital marketing field there are there are possibilities that you might getmuch higher salary if you're joining a start-up as opposed to getting intosimilar kind of role in a bigger company because there are these daysmobs are heavily funded and they want to attract the right talent and in order todo that they often pay very well so you can find such sweet spots you can lookfor well funded startups through websites like angel listyeah I think that's all for now if you have any questions for me to write to methrough the comments I make sure that I reply to all the comments that I receiveon my YouTube and Happy New Year 

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