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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Fashion design Usa girl style

The things that drive me crazy are colors and lights. All the more I enjoy situations where the two come together and together create a new symbiosis of bright tones and the wonderful play of light from the sun. This is what happened again when H & M Studio's fresh and colorful spring collection, Laura Nestor's unparalleled photographer's eye and a piece of spring sun peeked in between the windows and injected a positive rug into the winter-torn mind. The end result is a nice series that has now reached the blog columns - such inspiring flashes of color are always welcome on this page, as you know! However, the H&M Studio SS18 collection itself is already nicely available in the Postimaja store and on the H&M web, so you can hunt for colors and patterns!If I dyed my hair pink for a "week" at the beginning of February, I couldn't immediately expect that such a change would be so addictive and that I wouldn't want to give up the pink tone at all. That's why I've repainted my hair with these same washout products several times to keep pink on for as long as possible and enjoy all the fun for a while, until the natural blonde seems interesting enough again to get back to it. Honestly, this has been one of the best decisions to add spice to the so-called eternal winter and make a monochrome February more exciting. However, as others seem to be very interested in L’Oréal Colorista products as well, and as questions fly towards me from both the right and the left, I decided to post my experience on the blog as well and hopefully answer some questions as well.

I did the first coloring with a shade called #pinkhair. Since I haven't dyed my hair in any way before (except for one mascara with which I striped blue locks of hair in the fifth grade for class night - don't even ask, we blame the nineties), I spent almost 2 hours in the bathroom before finally daring to apply the dye. I followed the exact instructions on the package and started toning from the end of the hair, then gradually applying the color to the top of the head and keeping all the blemish on for about 20 minutes. For the first time, this shade was great, because it is light enough pink to suit even the most conservative. In the following days, I fixed the areas that were too bright with the same tone, and at one point I switched to a tone called #dirtypinkhair, which I then painted over the first tone. Based on my experience so far, I would like to say that my favorite color combination has turned out, where the upper part of the hair is in the #pinkhair color and the lower part in the #dirtypinkhair color, because the two together create a very nice pink so-called reverse ombré. So far, for the most part, I've only switched to the #dirtypinkhair shade, which actually wears a very nice pink, achieving the most beautiful shade just after the first hair wash.

So far, the testing has been painless, and since these products are already for the hair mask, their use makes the hair very pleasantly soft and does not require any special care. However, my recommendations are as follows:

If you don't dare to make a very crazy change, I recommend starting with #pinkhair, because it is much calmer pink and wears off quite quickly.
In addition to the washout product, I recommend that you also buy a hair spray of the same color, which only stays on one wash, but which can be used to correct dyeing errors when going to important events, or to refresh the worn color a little.
If you want to tone the whole head pink, be sure to put a lot of emphasis on the fact that the headboard is nicely covered with paint, and you can start with that. The scalp consumes a much faster color tone with its heat than the rest of the hair, so I recommend starting from the top to achieve a more even result. So apply a little more product to the ends and other areas to avoid a moment where only the top of the head is pink.
Hold the product on for 20 minutes and then wash it off. To prevent the skin on the head from turning pink, wash it thoroughly.
The lighter your hair, the better the color will adhere. Therefore, Colorista products may not have a very special effect on people with very dark hair.
I've heard that some Colorista washout shades don't really want to come off (Burgundy) or take on a different undertone at the cost (purple colors are worn by some green). If you get any of these errors or don't like the tested tone right away, there are several good ways to get rid of it. For starters, a special silver shampoo with which to wash your hair brighter will definitely help, but from my own experience I say that the best way to "lose" a couple of days of color is to go to the sauna, put on a deep cleansing hair mask and sit there for at least about ten minutes. Hair color is also significantly diluted by, for example, pool chlorine water.
It is also important to remember that in addition to washout products, the Colorista product range also includes various semi-permanent and permanent products, so of course it is worth reading the packaging carefully! In addition, the washout tones themselves have different durability - some are on top for a week, some for a couple. Based on my experience so far, #pinkhair lasts up to a week and #dirtypinkhair up to two weeks, depending on how often you wash your hair, sauna habits, hair texture and so on.
Hopefully I now remembered to pass on everything I have experienced in the last month. However, if any questions are still in the air, feel free to signal and I will be happy to answer! I'm going to go over my hair once more for one photo shoot, and I'll probably return to my usual blonde in a week or two. In the near future, however, I definitely plan to experiment with other shades, probably taking some purple first and hoping that my head will not turn quite green then!


It is terribly nice to see that the more time passes, the more Estonian design moves from studios to the streets and becomes more accessible and tangible even to those who have rather watched domestic clothing from a distance. After all, an Estonian person still tends to be such that if he or she does not know the designer directly, he or she will not go to the studio as well, because “maybe you still have to buy something out of courtesy”. In addition, a large percentage of compatriots still have the outdated notion that Estonian design only means presidential reception dresses, and no matter how many press releases or articles you publish during the fashion week and try to say otherwise, only the real availability of domestic design can change this common misconception. . Therefore, I am terribly pleased that one of my favorite brands, KÄT, is now available in my own store, the store in Telliskivi, where anyone can always walk in to try on clothes, touch them with their own hands and see the price with their own eyes. I also plan to make a more thorough visit there, because I would like to see KÄT's design hanging terribly in my wardrobe, but so far I am sharing pictures of the store's nice opening event, which took place last Friday. And to make the location even more understandable to everyone, the address is on Telliskivi 62, ie right next to the SIP wine and beer shop, at Telliskivi food street. See you there, right ?!


I am one of those people who always tends not to follow the rules, even in my clothes. An example is this winter, when you should theoretically wear a warm boot, a knitted sweater and even warmer bear trousers, but someone like me still wears a navel blouse and a combination of trousers and sneakers, which gives the impression that he is not wearing tights and calls almost all sorts of aunts who want to share the words of warm dress. In reality, of course, I'm not cold, because tights as well as the winter coat-scarf-hat combo, as well as the soles of the feet, which are always packed in socks, do their part to keep you warm, but it's clear that it's not enough for aunts. :) Actually, I quickly wanted to talk about the nice pants that came into my life, the surprise-surprise, the H & Mi product range, and which quickly became real favorites. Since I've been a wearer of jeans all my life, joining all sorts of different pants in my wardrobe is always a rather rare thing, which happens maybe once or twice a year. However, these characters sat so well on their feet and fit almost every object that, to be honest, I could wear them on a daily basis now. While browsing similar models on the H & Mi website, I actually noticed several more pairs of trousers with similar and nice cut, so I definitely recommend taking a look at the selection there and finding a pleasantly comfortable pair of trousers with a wider cut for the beginning of spring!


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