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Saturday, June 20, 2020

2020 Elections us america who won

2020 Elections us america 

45 th President Donald Trump
 Besic Deatils -some people thinks America's people Direct vote her President  but You Roung.indian Election like usa Election President Indirect  follow simple process  election 4 step -primaries &caucuses
2.National convetion
3.Genral Election
4.Eletroal College 
such as parliament Our india is there that's right in usa parliament says as united state congress.our parliament share two parts loka sabha And rajya sabha .rajya sabha is upper house And Loka sabha lower house it is said.us congress share in parts senate House of Representaives  said us .rajya sabha sit 238+12(selected) lokasabha 543+2=545 sitted .us congress Senate member of sit(50*2=100) 50 state in Usa Country every state select 2 peoples.Number of House of Representive Member sit 435 .Rajyasabha peoples Working Years 6 Years& Lokasabha peoples working Days  5 years . Us congress senate working year there is 6 yrs.House of representive Worked Hour Only 2 yrs.
Usa Parties 
mainly Two big party  no1 Democratic party, Rebulican Party .But later some small parties like green party ,Tea party, Libertarian parties .I am Talking About you This time winner party the Republican party .republican party Some state are know (G.O.P)Grand Old Party .Obey it country This party has been old styles And fashion like conservative traddisional party. Donald trump New President of usa simble Of Republican party A Elephant Color Red And Bule 3 Star of upper of elephant.
Democratic Party 
Democratic party liberal party.Democratic party simbal A donkey ,Colour Red Blue Donkey simbal Upper 4  Golden star.Barak Obama. Youngest Presdent gives Democratic Party to Usa President .
Green party -1% vote Tea party Devied Republican Party Ultra conservative party said 3% vote .
P.O.T.U.S -President of The United States
Indian President+ Indian prime minister = Usa president  post 
American President 
1 president of America Fast George Washington  1789-1797 
Usa President Worked Hours (4 Years )every four years later will be Usa President Election.2008,2012,2016,2020.who can be President only Times president .Barak Obama two times President of Usa .usa 32. President  franklin D.Roosevelt  1933-1945  Three Times President Of Usa . Only one person  32 president working hours 2 month later he passed away .you Think How did Possible ?first no trem And conditions Bht 1951 22nd Amendment of The United States Constitution 
One people Only 2 times President In Usa.India in not Tarm And conditions to this day one man 2 Times Indian President see is the First President Of India Dr. Rajemdra Prasad Sharma.
Usa Presidential Election .
Run For America President complate 3 steps 
1.Us Born Citizen
2.Resident Of usa for 14 years.
3.35 Years Old.
Primaries &caucuses
There are some people in the United States who want to run for president.
primaries caucuses is a process that selects your local leader = DELEGATES from within a party.All Register party member And All do voteing process And select her Fevorite candiate selected delegates go the national convention. Different between Primaries And caucuses primaries select candiate by voteing styetem caucuses create meeting and select one local leader.
On the eve of the May 2011 presidential election, U.S. President Donald Trump was invited to an interview on Fox News, a U.S. television channel. donald trump jokingly said he also wants to be president of the United States. He was accompanied by a number of dignitaries, including President Barack Obama. He was ousted, and after he left the conference, he decided to run for president. He won the 2016 election exactly five years later.primaries types election voteing process in plece two member Aganist prepair election same state the party . caucuses type candiate selected no compition in party.

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